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Characters of Rango: The Ultimate Guide to the Quirky and Colorful Characters

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Characters of Rango: Rango, directed by Gore Verbinski and featuring Johnny Depp as its voice actor, is an animated comedy film released in 2011. Inspired by classic westerns such as The Good, Bad and Ugly, High Noon, and Chinatown, Rango offers an ensemble cast that each have unique personalities, backstories, designs and design traits; we will take a look at what sets them apart within animation world. In this article we will look into some memorable and intriguing characters of Rango to understand what sets them apart in terms of animation.

rango characters
rango characters


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Rango, the chameleon protagonist of this film, lives his entire life as a pet in a terrarium. While possessing vivid imagination and acting talent, Rango suffers from identity confusion and low self-confidence.

After being accidentally dropped in the desert he stumbles across Dirt town where he pretends to be tough gunslinger Rango quickly becomes sheriff, facing challenges and dangers in this new role he soon assumes as sheriff – but also remains very funny due to Johnny Depp’s voice performance and hilarious dialogue.


Beans is the deuteragonist of the movie. She is a desert iguana daughter of a rancher and she’s the only one who suspects something is amiss with their town’s water supply; determined to find out the truth.

Beans is also Rango’s love interest despite initially finding him annoying and dishonest; strong yet independent character Beans stands up for what she believes in while remaining loyal and caring towards both him and her father; voiced by Isla Fisher she gives Beans an irrepressibly enthusiastic voice.

Rattlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake is the main antagonist in this film, an intimidating and lethal rattlesnake who acts as a mercenary for Mayor Tortoise John’s secret agenda. Feared across the desert, Jake enjoys terrorizing and killing anyone in his path – particularly Rango who he views as fraudulent and an insult to his reputation.

Rattlesnake Jake represents an impressive dark western tone thanks to its realistic scales, fangs, eyes, tail – voiced by Bill Nighy who gives a deep and sinister tone that stands out against other films of its genre.

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