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Who Kidnapped Catholic priest Fr Peter Amodu? [Breaking]


From Benue State, we have dejected news. Okwungaga Ugbokolo has seen a priest kidnapped. Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu. He was a Catholic priest. He was an important personality in Nigeria’s Benue State. On Wednesday 6 July 2022, he was abducted from Otukpo.

Some of the officials and priest friends confirmed his abduction. Fr. Peter Amodu. John Okpotu shared this news.

The Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu is mentioned, he was the Parish Priest at Holy Ghost Parish in the Catholic Diocese Otukpo.

Fr Peter Amodu kidnapping case

Catholic priest Fr Peter Amodu

According to some reports, he was kidnapped while he was near Otukpo/Ugbokolo Road. Rev. Fr Joseph Itodo. This case is under investigation by the police.

According to police officers, the time he was taken away was at 05:00 on July 6, 2022.

The news has sparked anger among those who were against the kidnappers. If they have any leads in their search for Rev., the Benue State Police Department is yet to share any information.

Fr. Peter Amodu. According to the police officers, they have to find the priest using any method.

What happened to Fr Peter Amodu

After the abduction and subsequent release of Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu was a close friend of Fr. Fr. Peter Amodu in their prayers, so that God may protect him and that he is safely rescued by police.

John Okpotu interviewed him and he confirmed that Rev. Fr. Peter Amodu took place on Wednesday 6 July 2022. Police are now trying to establish a link between the kidnapping of Peter Amodu and the suspects.

They have registered the statements of individuals. Police have not yet shared any information about the kidnappers.

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