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Car Rental in Seattle: 5 Tips How to Save Costs If You Are Under 21 


Car Rental in Seattle: The world is vast, and your destination will not always be a stone’s throw from your current residence. You will need to get around one way or another, especially if it happens to be a group trip. However, some constraints affect you’re getting a car rental Seattle service during your plan for the journey.

The restrictions only affect you if you are a driver under 25 and increase if you are under 21. There are ways to get an under 21 car rental service in Seattle, but you need to meet some requirements. Let’s check out the details and five tips to help you get a car rental service in Seattle.

Car Rentals Seattle Downtown

You have several options to explore if you plan to rent a car for trips, but there’s something to note. It is unnecessary to consider a downtown Seattle car rental under 21 since you will face many on the road. Parking fees are pretty expensive, and the traffic makes you spend more than you plan to pay on the rental. However, you can go ahead if you can handle the costs, but you still have to search for parking spaces. You either face the expensive parking fee in some areas or the struggle to find a parking spot in others.

Where To Get a Car Rental in Seattle

There are several areas to consider where you can find an under 21 car rental in Seattle when planning your trip. These areas have different under 21 car rental agencies established to serve you during your search for a car. Laws in Seattle don’t allow under 21 car rental, except if you meet some official or military requirements based on policies. If you meet these requirements, there are many agencies you can stop by for a car rental service. Some of these agencies are Alamo, Fox, Dollar Thrifty, and other less popular agencies around you.

How Much Does It Cost for A Car Rental in Seattle?

Getting a car rental Seattle makes you think about the type of car option available and the costs attached. Car rental agencies don’t give many opportunities to drivers under 21, so you don’t have many choices when making selections. The cost of a car rental Seattle also varies based on the company you are getting your rental service. Average costs go between $24 – $84 to rent compact cars in Seattle, and prices go up for other types. However, you must also consider the under 25 state surcharge that varies across all rental agencies when planning to rent.

Tips To Save costs on Car Rental Seattle

You will have some money problems as a person under 21 except you get a large allowance for yourself. However, filled pockets don’t stop you from saving a few bucks when considering an under 21 car rental in Seattle. You need to cut costs and spend less every chance you get, but you probably don’t know-how. Here are some tips to help you save some money on car rental in Seattle when making plans for your trips.

Use Your USAA Membership

Every state bans people below the age of 20 from driving cars except Michigan, New York, Alabama, and Nebraska. However, this ban will not apply to you if you wield a USAA membership in your respective state. It is linked to the military and gives you benefits to legally rent cars at 18 and receive discounts.

Prioritize Under 25 Fee Waiver

Some agencies offering cars rental in Seattle include an under 25 surcharge fee waiver in their policies for most customers. Sometimes it is attached to some special requirements but not as high as governmental or military personnel. Renting cars from these agencies means you get to pay less than you initially planned, which helps save your money.

Discount Codes Help

Many agencies offer discounts, and car rental agencies aren’t different, so you need to exploit their benefits. Ensure you ask the agencies for the discounts they are offering when you plan to make a rental. Also, remember always to use the coupons you get since they have a time limit and will expire after.

Consider Car Sharing

You can also try some car-sharing services that are somewhat different and sometimes cheaper than car rental agencies. Car sharing allows car owners to lease their cars out for people to rent, making it easier and affordable. You also won’t need to do too much documentation like those that car rental agencies request every time you rent.

Evade Airport Rental Areas

It might sound like you are on the run, but it only helps you Save costs due to one reason. Car rentals located around airports charge higher for their services and will hit your finances hard when you rent. However, renting from those located away from airports might seem inconvenient but are pretty affordable compared to the former choice.


It’s tasking for you to get an under 21 car rental in Seattle, but it’s not impossible. You need to know what you need and how to spend less on car rentals when planning your trip. The tips above will help you achieve these in the best way, so you don’t have to overthink details. Also, check out these cars and agencies when you want to make an easy selection and book directly.