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Canada Sikh Minister Asking to Remove The Turban at US Airport


Canada Sikh Minister Asking to Remove The Turban at US Airport: A Canadian Sikh Minister was asked to take off his turban at a Detroit airport during a security check despite passing through the metal detector without any problem, prompting the senior United States officials to apologize, media reports have said.

Canada Sikh Minister Asking to Remove The Turban at US Airport

Canada Sikh Minister

Navdeep Bains, Canada’s Minister of the Innovation, Science and Economic Development, describing the incident in an interview with the French language paper La Presse on Thursday.

Mr. Bains was returning to Toronto after meetings with Michigan state leaders in April 2017 and has already passed through regular security checks at the Detroit Metro Airport.

But because he was wearing a turban, a security agent telling him that he will have to undergo additional checks, according to La Press.

He tells me to take off my turban. I asked him why I will have to take off my hat when the metal detector has worked correctly, the Minister says.

Is this US law only on paper?

The US amends its travel policy in the year 2007, allowing Sikhs to keep turbans on while passing during the security inspection process.

Mr. Bains says that when he travels, he rarely discloses his identity as a Cabinet Minister, to better understand the travel experiences and frustrations of the people not affording similar privileges.

The incident is prompting Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to express disappointment to her US counterparts.

Both Undersecretaries for the US Homeland Security and Transportation Departments apologized for the incident.

In a statement to CBC, which is a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration says it is reviewing closed-circuit video of the incident and determines the officer did not follow standard operating procedures.

The officer is subsequently receiving additional training.

So, these are the points to describing the Canada Sikh minister asking to remove the turban at US airport.

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