Can You Buy Replacement Panels for a Garage Door?


Can You Buy Replacement Panels for a Garage Door?: Garage door panels can get damaged due to many different reasons. For example, they can get damaged when you accidentally reverse your car. Once a panel of the garage door is damaged, you will wonder whether there is any possibility for you to replace only that panel or not. That’s because you will assume that it will help you to save some money out of your pocket.

Can You Buy Replacement Panels for a Garage Door?

Is it a good idea to buy replacement panels for a garage door?

Yes, it is a good idea for you to go ahead and buy replacement panels for a garage door. It will help you to save a considerable amount of money at the end of the day. However, it would be best if you did lots of planning before you spend your money to purchase the replacement panels. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time and money unnecessarily. That’s the main reason why we thought of sharing a quick guide to you on how to buy replacement panels for a garage door as well.

How to replace the damaged panels of your garage door?

Here are the steps that you should follow when you are replacing the damaged panels of your garage door. If you can stick to these steps, you will be able to end up with positive results, and there is no need to worry about anything.

  • Order your panels

It would help if you initially understood the brand and model of your garage door. That’s because the replacement panels that you order for the garage door should match with existing ones. Hence, it is essential to order the replacement panels that match with what you already have. If you have any doubts about it, it will be a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer directly. Then you can get answers to all the questions and distrust that you have in your mind.

If you don’t order the right replacement panels, you will not be able to go ahead and secure a perfect fit. You should keep this fact in your mind and proceed with the process of ordering panels that you want. To save you from trouble why not visit garage door repair Company Southlake

  • Carefully remove the panels

Once you have the panels needed, you can go ahead and remove the panels carefully. Before you do that, you need to make sure that your automated garage door is unplugged from the power supply. Then you can open the garage door manually. It is better if you can remove the springs as well. Otherwise, the springs can open while you are replacing broken panels with new ones and cause injuries to you.

Panels of your garage door are attached. On the other hand, you will be able to discover rollers on the side, which allow the garage door to move up and down. As long as you don’t have the door panel at the top, you will need to remove the panels individually. It would help if you did this until the point where you remove the broken panel.

To proceed with this, you should remove the top panel separately. You should do it by carefully removing the screws. You should do the same for the panel that is located below it as well.

  • Replacing the panel

Now you have successfully removed the broken panel. To install the new panel, you should carefully slide the rollers to the track and then lower down the board slowly. You should do this until the new panel is touching the panel located under it. You can use bolt or screws to get the job done. It would vary depending on the fastening mechanism found in the door.

Next, you should reattach all the other panels. You will need to do this in the order that you followed when removing them. It would help if you continued it until the entire garage door is correctly positioned in place. Now you must take a look at the fastenings and see if they are tight. Then you can place the springs and make sure that everything is tightly fitted.

Once you are done with the job, you can plug in the garage door and see if it is working. You should do a test and see if the garage door is operating smoothly or not.

Getting professional assistance

Now you have a clear understanding of how to replace a broken panel of your garage door. You should only do this if you are confident about how to go through every step and if you have the required tools. If not, you will be causing more damages to the garage door. That’s where you can think about contacting a professional garage door repair company in your area to get the replacement job done.