Home News Calum Von Moger Arrested: What Happened to Calum Von Moger?

Calum Von Moger Arrested: What Happened to Calum Von Moger?


Calum Von Moger Arrested: What Happened to Calum Von Moger? The Charges Have Been Explained: The arrest of a well-known fitness celebrity is currently generating newspaper headlines. Yes, you are correct; we are discussing Calum Von Moger, who has been detained.

Moger is an Australian fitness teacher, bodybuilder, and actor. He has kept his body in good shape and has a striking resemblance to star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Calum is well-known for his body, and he was recently cast in the film Bigger, in which he played a young Arnold. In the year 2019, he entered the modelling business and landed a modelling assignment for Gucci.

Calum Von Moger has been Arrested

Calum Von Moger was caught after threatening someone and following them down while holding a knife. He was detained for road rage, and it appears that his mental health is suffering as a result of his actions.

He had half of his sponsors abandon him, and personal troubles with his baby and mother were also weighing on him, causing mental stress that drove him to this action. He is not a nasty person, though.

Calum began lifting weights at the age of 14, and his good looks and great physical proportions propelled him to popularity and success.

He’s also won Mr Universe three times. In addition, he appeared in the Netflix production Generation Iron 2 in 2017.

Calum Von Moger’s documentary “Unbroken” received great reviews from the public and was among the top two documentaries on iTunes.

What Happened to Calum Von Moger?


It’s unclear whether Calum Von Moger is under house arrest as a result of his road rage incident because no specific information has been released to the public.

He is no longer in prison and has returned to his former career as a fitness teacher and bodybuilder.

He has lately launched a 6-week mass transformation challenge that will begin on March 28th, 2022, and folks can sign up for the challenge for $49.

Individuals participating in the challenge can train with him and learn daily workouts, nutrition ideas, and secrets. Similarly, there will be mass private community groups and live weekly registers available.

On Instagram, Calum Von Moger has a child and a baby momma


Calum Von Moger had a child with his companion, Nicola Segura, who is also the baby’s mother. She is not, however, his wife or girlfriend at this time.

Calum hasn’t published any photographs of his baby or his baby momma on Instagram, and they may have been deleted.

When Nicola wanted to have the child and Calum wanted her to undergo an abortion, their relationship deteriorated.

She refused to listen to him and opted to give birth and raise the child on her own. Kairos is the child’s name, and after giving birth to him, Nicola files a child support lawsuit against Calum.

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