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Caillou Height, Weight, Age, Family, And Work Proffession


Here we will know more about Caillou Height, Weight,Family And Many Intersting Facts, the lead character and protagonist of both TV series and books with the same name, is one of television’s tallest child characters. But how tall could Caillou truly be?

 Caillou’s Age, Height and Weight

Caillou age: 4 years old.
Height: 180 cm
In feet inches: 5’11”
Caillou Weight: 49 kilograms in kilograms and 108 lb in pounds

Eye and Hair color : Black

Caillou Profession: Main Character

Caillou, the lead character and protagonist of the TV series and books with the same name, is a 4-year-old boy. He serves as an embodiment of real preschoolers – curious and daring children who enjoy exploring their environment.

Every episode featuring Caillou features voiceovers from Bryn McAuley (1997-1998), Jaclyn Linetsky (2000-2003), Michelle Linetsky & Annie Bovaird from 2003-10; Logan Nicholson is portraying Caillou for WildBrain film as well. Additionally, every Caillou book can be read.

Caillou is an inquisitive child who enjoys dinosaurs and cars. In the song “Caillou Can Count from 1 to 10” and in his first piano book, Caillou mentions playing the piano as one of his interests; however, in “Caillou’s Got Rhythm,” Caillou attempted playing the piano before using her drum set that Grandma had made for him in her band before switching over to playing the piano.

Caillou’s younger sister Rosie was born in Big Brother Caillou at age 2 and a half, so when he turned four during “Caillou’s Birthday” during Season 1, he remained that age for the remainder of the season. According to My First Piano Book, Caillou is still four years old in reality despite appearing like a kindergartener later on and possessing more mature vocal abilities.
According to Where I live, he lives at 17 Pine Street with his mother, father, and youngest sister Rosie in a blue two-story home. A nearby red two-story house belongs to his grandparents. Later episodes depict him attending preschool.

Caillou Personal Life

Date of Birth: 1989
Birth Place: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Canada

Hobbies: Adventuring, enjoying cars and dinosaurs

Caillou was originally imagined as a tiny baby with very little hair. When it came time for him to age into situations more suitable for two or four year olds, adding any hair would have made him unrecognizable; thus Caillou decided not to have any at all. At nine months old, his hair had grown enough that it made him unrecognizable even then.

Caillou Family

Father Name: Boris
Mother Name: Doris
Younger Sister : Rosie


Height in centimeters: 373 cm
Height in meters: 3.73 meters
Feet inches: 12′ 3′”
Boris is the husband of Doris and father to Caillou and Rosie as well as Grandma and Grandpa’s grandson. Pat Fry provided his voice in the original series, Mike Pollock provided it in WildBrain remake and Nick Gligor provided it in Caillou the Grownup. Both children enjoy having Boris as their father who often teaches them new things.

2. Doris

Height in centimeters: 361 cm
In meters: 3.61m
In feet inches: 11’10”
Doris is the wife of Boris and mother to Caillou and Rosie. In the original series, Jennifer Seguin provided her voice; Hend Baghdady performs it in Caillou the Grownup.
Caillou’s All Alone, in which Mommy told Caillou she was too busy counting bills to play with him, and Caillou Mails A Letter where she expressed her dissatisfaction at receiving so many bills and asked for a nice letter instead, demonstrate this fact that she works from home managing the family’s finances.

3. Rosie

Height in centimeters: 160 cm
In meters: 1.6m
In feet inches: 5’2”
Weight in kilograms: N/A

Caillou Personality

Caillou is depicted as a four-year-old who exhibits qualities such as kindness, adventure, cooperation and imagination. He’s always curious about his environment and eager for new experiences. By season 3, an older Caillou had been redesigned with less negative behavior in mind – evidenced by the change in shirt color from gray in earlier seasons to yellow later episodes.

Caillou often misbehaves or becomes frustrated when things don’t go his way, as evidenced in earlier episodes such as Caillou’s Cross Word and Caillou Joins the Circus.

 Some Unknown Facts About Caillou

Caillou occasionally offers up helpful life lessons about social skills development and traveling around the world.
Gary-Stuish behavior improved significantly between seasons 4-5 (Cookie Jar era) and the CGI reboot, although his tantrums still occur occasionally.

On New Adventures however, he reverted back to his pre-Cinar self.
He occasionally gets his due, such as when Boris reprimanded him for acting out in “Caillou Joins the Circus.” At only four years old, however, he may not fully comprehend that behaving spoilt or selfishly is unacceptable behavior.

He does occasionally have endearing moments, but they are few and far between. The series finale “You’re Not Miss Martin!” deserves special mention because it shows him redeeming himself by acting less like a Gary Stu.

Caillou was just a baby when the book series began in 1987, but as he grew older the illustrator realized that giving Caillou hair would’ve made him appear unrecognizable, thus explaining his characteristic baldness.

He and Dora are the main protagonists in grounded videos created with Vyond, Plotagon, and Wrapper software programs, respectively. Additionally, regular victims include Little Bill, Sid the Science Kid, Peppa Pig, Bob the Builder (in Harri Marken Prits’ case from Estonia), as well as some of the Numberblocks.

Due to his misbehavior and unlikable demeanor, he inspired the creation of the AOK parody series “Caillou at 22” as well as an appearance on Family Guy’s episode “Stewie’s First Word.”

When not being bad, Caillou can be cute; on occasion he has even been helpful and kind.
He stands out as the most notable Karma Houdini character from the original series, as unlike Angelica from Rugrats he rarely (if ever) receives punishment or criticism from his parents for his misdeeds.

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