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Buying a Sheet Crib [Full Guide]


Buying a Sheet Crib: Sheet cribs are a wonderful way to make your nursery unique. There are many options to choose from, so it is easy for you and your family to find the right one.

Crib sheets are relatively thin, so it’s best to choose a high-quality fabric that will keep your baby comfortable and safe throughout their sleep time.

For example, organic cotton is popular because it’s less likely to irritate skin conditions and allergies.

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Buying a Sheet Crib: Cotton

Sheets made of cotton are a popular choice for crib bedding. It is soft and breathable, hypoallergenic, durable, and long-lasting.

These fabrics also aid in temperature regulation for small bodies.

These fabrics don’t retain sweat or grossness as well as polyester, so they can be too hot for kids to fall asleep in.

Because organic cotton evaporates sweat and breathes, it is better for baby sheets.

Another good option is a cotton-polyester blend that doesn’t shrink. These are less expensive than 100% cotton and are softer, too.

For a more smooth feel, some prefer to sleep in a sateen weave. Others may choose percale, which is more breathable and comfortable for hot sleepers.

Linen, although more costly than percale but a good layer for summer and fall, is also available.

Alternative Natural Fibers

Alternative natural fibers are an environmentally friendly option to consider for sheet crib bedding.

You can choose from bamboo, eucalyptus, flax, hemp, linen and other organic cotton-like fabrics.

Although natural fibers can be great for certain families, they are not as durable or soft as cotton sheets.

These sheets are susceptible to pilling, and can stretch quickly or become worn out.

Sheets made from organic cotton certified by GOTS are free of harmful pesticides and toxins. The fibers in organic cotton are longer and smoother, which makes them more durable.

You can also find a variety of organic cotton mattress wraps and mattress pads, including wool padding, which is a naturally flame-resistant material without the need for chemical fire retardants.

This material is naturally antibacterial, breathable and ideal for babies who sweat heavily during sleep.


Crib sheets and bumpers can be a great way to bring a room together.

They’re easy to coordinate with other bedding in the nursery, like a crib skirt or baby blankets.

These sheets can be used to personalize the room. You can add a favorite character, animal, or pattern to the sheets.

There are many options for sheets in different styles and colors. Some have fitted corners to keep them securely in place, and they’re often made of soft organic cotton, fleece, or flannel.

There are also sheet sets with a wide range of printed designs in bold or neutral colors that can be coordinated with every baby nursery theme.

You can choose linens with classic gingham prints or animal prints such as lambs, chicks or cows if you love barnyard or farmhouse nurseries.

If you’re looking for a sheet set that’s softer and more eco-friendly, look for one that’s made from GOTS certified or MADE SAFE(r) certified organic cotton.

Avocado’s 400-thread-count GOTS and MADE SAFE(r) organic cotton crib sheets are super-soft, comfortable and breathable for your little one.


The sheet is one of the most important parts of a baby’s crib and needs to be well-maintained for it to stay clean and sanitary.

You should clean the sheets regularly in order to prevent your baby from getting stained by bodily fluids or fruit juice.

Cotton crib sheets will last for years and become softer over time. However, they can become wrinkled when dried in the dryer so make sure to choose cotton-blend options with more cotton than polyester.

Linen: Like cotton, linen is a natural material that’s highly durable and resistant to dirt.

It also regulates temperature and is a good moisture-wicking option for a drier night’s sleep.

Crib sheets can be a bit tricky to wash, however, so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

They’re also susceptible to shrinking when washed if they aren’t preshrunk, so check that they fit snugly over the mattress before you buy them.