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Browns Are Looking For a Franchise QB to Lead Them Back Into The Playoffs In 2022


With Baker Mayfield traded to Carolina and starting quarterback Deshaun Watson serving an 11-game suspension for sexual misconduct allegations, the Browns are in a tough spot at the position.

The Browns are searching for a franchise quarterback who will lead them into the 2022 playoffs.

In the meantime, Jacoby Brissett has been a welcome addition to Cleveland’s offense. He is a favorite with his teammates because of his likability, charm and demeanor.

Mayfield vs. Watson

After a long and contentious NFL disciplinary hearing, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around Deshaun Watson’s future.

The NFL’s disciplinary officer will have to decide whether or not to recommend that the league suspend Watson for at least the 2022 season in light of 24 lawsuits stemming from sexual misconduct allegations.

That could lead to a messy divorce for both Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. There are a few options for quarterback competition.

There is also the possibility that Watson could be traded. The team may consider trading Watson to get more value for money.

In recent polls, a majority of fans have decided that Baker Mayfield is the better QB option for the Browns for the 2022 season.

Baker Mayfield is also better suited for Cleveland’s offense, and will likely be more productive on the field than Watson.

Brissett vs. Dobbs

Joshua Dobbs could be their backup quarterback if Deshaun Watson is not available.

Dobbs, a former Tennessee quarterback, has had an impressive preseason, earning significant snaps behind Brissett in the team’s final two games.

Dobbs is a former Tennessee Volunteer who has the ability to quickly learn offenses, read defenses and work hard. He graduated from college with honors and went on to earn an aerospace engineering degree.

He has also enjoyed some success, despite not being a regular player in the NFL. He was able to score passing touchdowns as well as rushing touchdowns during his Tennessee time.

His career has been full of good performances, with the Browns having a strong defense that helps keep him under control. He is not an unattractive option.

However, he hasn’t proven himself yet in the league, so it’s still possible that the team will decide to go with a different quarterback instead.

Rosen vs. Brissett

The Browns have now added a third backup quarterback in Josh Rosen to their depth chart. The former UCLA star was a top-10 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and the team scouted him extensively during that process.

The Browns now have two options for Deshaun Watson to replace him if he is suspended. Rosen is expected to compete with current third-teamer Joshua Dobbs, who has performed well in the preseason.

Moreover, the Browns have also made it clear that veteran Jacoby Brissett will serve as the team’s starting quarterback in case Watson is suspended.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski said Thursday that the Browns are ready for this situation, and they will split time between Watson and Brissett in practice.

No matter who the Browns pick at the top, they should consider several things when evaluating the performance of their quarterback.

Among them: their ability to execute the offense, their overall health and the level of play on their defense.

Rosen vs. Dobbs

Rosen is an excellent quarterback but has not been in the league since being drafted by the Buccaneers in 2018.

Rosen started 13 games in Arizona, and has also played for the Dolphins and Buccaneers as well as for the 49ers, Falcons and 49ers.

He has completed 54 percent of his passes for 2,864 yards and 12 touchdowns with 21 interceptions in 24 career starts.

As a starter, he is currently 3-13 and has not proven that he will be able to hold his own in the NFL.

Dobbs has outplayed Rosen in the preseason so far. He was impressive in Sunday’s game against the Eagles, going 14 of 20 for 141 yards and rushing four times for 47 yards.

If Dobbs can take the backup job from Rosen and win out in this competition, it’ll be a big win for the Cleveland Browns.

With Deshaun Watson currently suspended for 11 games, the team requires more depth in this position.

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