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Brittany Hightower Death Cause: The Sickle Cell Community Member Dies At 22


Brittany Hightower Death Cause: Sickle Cell Community Member Dies at the age of 22. It’s a sad day to learn that the loved member of the Sickle Cell Community, Brittany Hightower has died.

According to sources, Brittany took her last breath on January 1st 2023 after an extended battle with sickle cell disease.

There are reports that Brittany was with her mother in the afterlife only two days after her mother’s tragic death.

After when the announcement of her passing was made public, a lot of people, including family and friends are paying her tribute and offering their sympathy to the family suffering through a difficult moment. Continue reading to learn more about her tragic passing.

According to sources, Brittany Hightower was suffering from sickle cell for a considerable period of period of time.

During this she was receiving appropriate treatment. However, even after she wasn’t able to survive the deadly illness.

Brittany’s family members are trying to find more information on her death and are paying tribute to her via posting messages on Facebook.

One of the posts on Facebook is titled,” I’m just now being informed of the death of Brittany Hightower. She was a gorgeous young mother with sickle cell anemia.

She died very recently. The video is troubling and troubling. The misogyny of the medical profession the woman went through is enough to send the viewer to tears.

The information is from a long time ago. However, she was being unjustly handled by medical professionals before the time of her passing”.

What Happened To Brittany Hightower?

According to source, Brittany Hightower was hospitalized in Houston on the 24th of December 2022 after experiencing stomach-related discomforts.

According to reports, she was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia . She was further placed in an isolated location because of coronavirus protocol.

There was also a report that she suffered verbal abuse from staff members of the hospital as well as physical assault and beaten by the police officer.

The evidence in the form of clip was shared on social media, which shows the verbal abuse she received during her time within the facility.

The social media are trying to find out what really transpired with Brittany Hightower. There isn’t information about her private life because the members of her family aren’t at a point of talking with anyone regarding Brittany.

The post reads:” Our sincere condolences for those Family & Friends of Sickle Cell Warrior, Brittany Hightower After the loss of her mother, we’re seeing stories of Brittany Hightower has passed away.

We at the Sickle Cell Community is mourning her loss. Our deepest condolences go out for her loved ones”.

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