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 British Herald Magazine with Vladimir Putin on the Cover Page


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British Herald Magazine March- April 2019 Cover Page Story: Prominent world leaders ever so often grace the British Herald magazine cover page. In the March-April 2019 issue, the faces of the leader of one of the world’s great nations adorned the cover- a smirking Vladimir Putin alongside an apt description ‘Imprint from Russia to the World’. 

British Herald Magazine with Vladimir Putin on the Cover Page

His journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most widely recognisable personalities on the planet is an interesting story, insight to which is offered in this issue of British Herald. This Russian politician is currently serving his tenure as the President of Russia, and his political reign has been on for nearly two decades. Putin, a former KGB Intelligence Officer, used his supreme leadership skills to exert Russian political policy and influence worldwide. 

The British Herald magazine reiterates in its cover story that Putin, since 1999, has led the Russian federation in several positions of power ranging from Prime Minister, Acting President to President. His dominance has earned him laurels and Putin’s leadership has put Russia on the world map, often touted as an equal to the United States of America when it comes to being one of the world’s most powerful public offices. 

One of the strengths that Putin, as highlighted by this issue of the British Herald magazine, showcased was his ability to transform the transcontinental country from its chaotic Yeltsin roots- a model that was open and free-for-all. Even in scenarios of severe economic decline, this Kremlin leader has retained his popularity all throughout. There may have been a few speed-bumps on Putin’s resolution of economic issues, however, all of this eventually snowballed into a greater consolidation of his own power. Russia now, under Putin, maintains strengthened and positive relations with the other BRICS countries. 

Over the course of his presidency, Putin enabled a well-executed transformation in the manner that Russia visualised its Soviet past. His foreign policy stands up to western hegemony and with regards to China, acts as a balancing feature to the US’s slightly overwhelming political and military hold. His approach is a step away from heralding a new era of democracy and being a safe holder of the same; Putin has metamorphosed Russia into a supersized model of the KGB wherein there is no allowance for independent action or dissent. Russia’s economy has been accelerated under Putin’s guidance. 


The editorial in this issue of British Herald magazine focused on News Media and ways to increase revenue in this field. The matter that was highlighted primarily was how it was unnecessary to separate print, digital and TV media. The presence of an integrated newsroom allows a team of multi-skilled journalists to collaborate and create news that is relevant and well-received by the audiences. Media must exist on multiple platforms- the eventual reduced human resource requirements would reduce expenditure; integrated marketing and branding to advertisers on a wider spectrum of media ensure higher revenue too. 

Other Content

The March April 2019 issue of the British Herald magazine also shed light on two influential personalities- Mansib Ibrahim and Mufti Menk. In addition to this, news from around the world (from fields of business, technology and finance) had been collated and summarised in the magazine.

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