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Brickleberry: A Hilarious and Controversial Animated Sitcom

Neds Declassified Cast 9
Neds Declassified Cast 9

Brickleberry was an American adult animated sitcom airing on Comedy Central from 2012 to 2015. Created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, and executive produced by these same individuals along with comedian Daniel Tosh, Brickleberry followed the misadventures of an inept team of park rangers working at Brickleberry National Park.

This program was well-known for its crude humor, shock value, political incorrectness and social satire. Topics often addressed included racism, sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, drug use religion and environmental issues – often parodying celebrities movies television shows pop culture references etc.


Critics and audiences had mixed responses to Brickleberry Origins, with some applauding its comedy and originality while others criticizing its offensiveness and lack of subtlety. Nominated for multiple awards (such as Annie Award and Behind Voice Actors Award), including comic book series Brickleberry Origins which continued the franchise after it ended.

The Cast of Brickleberry with images

Brickleberry’s Cast was comprised of talented voice actors that brought each character to life on screen. Here are some of the main players and their roles:

1. Daniel Tosh as Malloy

Daniel Tosh as Malloy

Malloy was adopted by Woody after both of his parents were killed by hunters, and used his foul language and irreverence towards Woody to taunt and mock the rangers as well as watch television and eat junk food.

2. Kaitlin Olson as Ethel Anderson

Daniel Tosh as Malloy
Kaitlin Olson as Ethel Anderson

Ethel is an attractive female ranger from Yellowstone National Park who was brought over to Brickleberry from there, becoming its most competent and responsible individual while having a drinking problem of her own.

3. Roger Black played Connie

Roger Black played Connie


An obese lesbian ranger who was attracted to Ethel but often the subject of jokes due to her appearance and sexuality; nevertheless, she always demonstrated courage when needed.

4. David Herman as Steve Williams

David Herman as Steve Williams
David Herman as Steve Williams

An inept and overzealous ranger who idolized Woody and strived to be the best ranger in the park. Rival with Ethel for Woody’s approval, Steve often found himself getting himself into trouble through his stupidity.

5. Tom Kenny plays Woodrow “Woody” Johnson

Tom Kenny plays Woodrow "Woody" Johnson

the head ranger at Brickleberry Park who had previously served in the military and committed war crimes; Johnson became abusive, corrupt and greedy over time, often endangering the park and its wildlife for personal gain.Jerry Minor portrayed Denzel Jackson, an African-American ranger who was terrified of animals and nature; yet an avid sexual encounterer, with a preference for older white women as partners.

6. Natasha Leggero as Ethel Anderson (seasons 2-3)

Natasha Leggero as Ethel Anderson

Leggero took over for Kaitlin Olson after Olson left due to scheduling conflicts, becoming Ethel’s voice onscreen.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: When did Brickleberry air?

A: The show aired on Comedy Central from September 25, 2012 to April 14, 2015.

Q: How many episodes are there in Brickleberry?

A: There are 36 episodes in total, divided into three seasons.

Q: What is the premise of Brickleberry?

A: The show follows the misadventures of a group of incompetent park rangers who worked at the fictional Brickleberry National Park.

Q: Who created Brickleberry?

A: The show was created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, who also worked on Paradise PD.

Q: Where can I watch Brickleberry?

A: You can watch the show on various streaming platforms, such as Hulu, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and YouTube. You can also buy the DVD sets online or at your local store.

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