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Brand Managers at Top Pharmaceuticals Select Entatio.com for iVA Projects


Customized Digital Technology Project Platform Lands Prominent Early Adopters within Months of Release;

Within 6 months of launching Entatio.com, Brand and Marketing Managers at 4 of the top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies successfully deployed the application to streamline the development of Interactive Visual Aids (iVAs) used to educate healthcare providers on life saving treatments, declared Entatio Inc.

Throughout the Life Sciences, it has become common to use specialized Interactive Visual Aids (iVAs) to deliver key scientific findings to physicians in offices, at conferences and events, in addition to through web portals. While managing development and localization projects for more than 30 of these digital media assets for Novartis/Alcon through spring and summer 2017, administration consultants and developers associated with Entatio Inc. identified critical areas where the combination of custom technology and revised administration processes reduced costs and project timelines. This led to the creation of the Entatio.com Platform. In the 6 months since making the technology available across the Life Sciences, brands at 4 of the top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies have signed on as early adopters.

Of Entatio.com’s recent success, Marketing Manager Pierre De Guzmen commented, “Several leaders across the Pharmaceutical Industry are surprised by how quickly Entatio.com has spread, especially when it was developed by such a small team. When they see what Entatio.com does, it’s not so astonishing. Our team has years of experience working with industry specific technology such as Veeva CRM, CLM and Vault, together with solutions from QuintileIMS and others. Some of our founders even contributed to the development of these solutions. In addition to this, we have practical experience on the business side of digital and brand administration. Where most technology providers approach solutions as a means for increasing revenue, usually by copying existing technology and releasing it under a new name, every feature of the Entatio.com Platform was developed to provide simple and practical solutions to challenges that brand and digital project managers face every day. When you approach technology from that angle, it’s not difficult to find early adopters.”

About Entatio.com: Entatio Inc. is a digital technology company based in Dallas, TX and Pleasanton, Ca. that focuses on Multichannel Marketing solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotech industries. Other platforms include HCPPortals.com and LifeScienceLMS.com. In addition to providing technical solutions, Entatio assists Life Sciences companies by providing a wide range of professional and managed services related to commercial and medical technology.



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