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Bizarre case of engineer ‘Mr Hands’ who died after having stallion horse


At a wicked farm where bestiality was legal, a man died after having sex with a horse on tape.

Kenneth Pinyan, a 45-year-old aircraft engineer, was caught on camera in 2005 having a sick tryst with a horse, which fatally destroyed a section of his big intestine and caused acute peritonitis.

James Michael Tait shot the horrific footage of his pal Pinyan, also known as Mr Hands, in Enumclaw, Washington, as part of a sick community of zoophiles.

The state quickly outlawed sex with animals after Pinyan died and Tait was simply charged with trespassing.

Charles Mudede was one of the writers for the documentary “Zoo,” which was based on the men’s strange encounters with farm animals and released in 2007.

Mr Muded told Vice News in 2015: “Horses are incredibly important to everyone in Enumclaw. It’s a peaceful, rural neighbourhood with views of the mountains.

“Everyone loves horses, and as you know, the town is filled with various forms of horse worship. It was a spot where you could f*** horses without anyone knowing.

“Unless you were caught, it was difficult to tell the difference between passion and zoophilia. Those f****** horses Pinyan hung out with would still be f****** horses today if he hadn’t died, and no one would have suspected anything.

“It was a horse f****dream *’s come true. They must have been furious because they must have thought to themselves, ‘We had it so good!'”

According to Seattle News, Pinyan died on July 2, 2005, after suffering from acute peritonitis, an inflammation of the tissue that borders the inner wall of the abdomen.

Using traffic CCTV, authorities tracked Pinyan back from the Enumclaw Community Hospital to the farm from where he had travelled.

Mr Hands’ colon was pierced at the 40-acre property by a stallion he and Tait nicknamed “Big D***,” which he and Tait christened “Big D***.” Hundreds of hours of film showing males having sex with horses were discovered by investigators.

Pinyan’s family was said to be surprised when he bought the horse the same year.

In 2006, Washington State passed its first bestiality bill, forbidding sexual contact with an animal, which had previously permitted people like Pinyan and Tait to abuse horses.

The offence has been classified as a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years in jail and a fine of $10,000 (£7,000).

Mr. Hands’ death, Mr Mudede told Vice News, caused shockwaves through the so-called zoophilia society, where members share a bestiality passion.

Mr Mudede went on to say: “They seemed to think Mr Hands was a bit of a knucklehead, to me. He was a thinker who worked as an engineer for Boeing.

“They wouldn’t have to go to the hospital if they took a horse-f*****. He was haughty and inexperienced. They believed he had damaged it. They’d still be f****** horses on weekends if he wasn’t so self-destructive.”

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