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Best 7 Smartphone Apps for College


Best 7 Smartphone Apps for College: Students use apps for communication, entertainment, among other things. But, it is teaching people that they can use apps for other activities like learning as well. So, how can one identify the apps that will suit their situation? Well, keep reading to learn about the best apps for college students. 

Best 7 Smartphone Apps for College

Any Do

Any Do is an app that will help you prepare your to-do list. To-do lists help you to keep track of the things you wish to do in a day. Often, people use sticky notes which are not reliable in the long run. Sticky notes could get lost, and thus leave you with no reference point for your to-do list.

So, how can you avoid the use of paper while preparing your to-do list? Use Any Do app. With Any Do, you get the opportunity to prepare a list and tick against the items on your list. Any Do also allows you to sync other devices with your phone. The advantage of this is that you get reminders as you go along your day. 

Any person who minds their time and work will consider using this app. Writers from EssayWritingService advisesyou to consider getting this app. He says that he is much more effective and productive because of this app. He manages his time well and can keep track of all the activities he engages in every day. 

Google Calendar

Google continue to make products and apps that help make life easier. Google Calendar is one such product that offers users such an easy time. By far, this is one of the best apps for students. 

So, what can you do with Google Calendar? Well, one thing you can do is schedule meetings. If, for example, you have a group discussion on Friday, you can schedule it with Google Calendar. Aside from scheduling meetings, this app will also remind you of the same meetings. You will know when you have an upcoming activity.

Aside from the above, Google Calendar allows you to share your schedule with other people. For example, you can share it with members of your group discussion and avoid instances of lateness or people missing meetings. The above shows that it is by far one of the best planner apps for college students. 


Evernote is an app that all college students should have. This app works best for students who are conducting research activities. It allows you to take notes or scan texts that you can later use in your research. 

One of the best features of this app is that it will help you to keep working regardless of where you are. You could be walking and collecting ideas at the same time. You may be taking your morning jog and come across something that captures your attention. Well, do not worry because Evernote will help you create new notes and in whichever formats you prefer. 

The scanning feature will also make your work easier. For example, when you scan a text, Evernote allows you to comment on it and highlight parts that grasp your attention. For sure this is by far one of the best software for college students. Get to plan your thoughts and ideas as you go along your day. 


To err is human to edit is divine. If you know this phrase, then you have some experience working with Grammarly. 

Grammarly is an app that will help you make corrections on your documents and assignments before submission. With this app, you get to check grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, proper word use, and even plagiarism. What is more, you can sync all your devices and ensure your articles are of the best quality. 

Aside from the above, there is an addon that you can install on Microsoft Word. This feature makes your work easier since you make corrections as you prepare your work. Experts from Edujungles.com consider Grammarly a timesaver, especially when it comes to delivering quality work. They do recommend that you consider using it in all your writing tasks. 

With Grammarly, there are subscription fees you will have to pay. But you cannot compromise quality because of a few dollars. So, get yourself Grammarly today. 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application that will help you create and design documents for different purposes. For example, you will prepare many of your assignments using Microsoft Word. Other types or examples of documents this app will help you prepare include cover letters, resumes, business plans, among others. 

But Microsoft word is so much more than an application that allows you to only prepare documents. Other features of this app include a design which offers you the opportunity to design your documents in whichever manner you want. There is also the feature of references which is crucial to all students. References help you insert in-text citations and include a list of references or bibliographies after you finish writing your paper. 

You may not consider this app as one of the best planner apps for students. However, planning when you do not have an app to help you finish whichever tasks you have is counterproductive. So, acquire Microsoft Word today. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best apps that college students need. This app helps you to store all your data, especially things you wish to keep for long. There are numerous cloud services that offer the same services as Google Drive. However, Google Drive sets itself apart, first, because of the space size it offers. Also, with G-drive you get to store data in different formats. For example, you can store documents, sheets, videos, images, etc. 

Another advantage of G-drive is that it also makes sharing easier. 


So, how do you manage your thoughts? How do you generate new ideas and remember the flow of your thoughts? Well, SimpleMind is here to help you on such occasions. 

Ever heard of mind mapping? So, SimpleMind uses the technique of mind mapping to help you organize your thoughts. Get to create different maps for each of your different thoughts. Another piece of information about SimpleMind involves the fact that page size is not limited. So, you can include as many ideas as you can. 

Experts find SimpleMind quite useful. Milly from PerfectEssay advises students to consider getting SimpleMind. She notes that it can be crucial in planning, especially when one is planning their work. People may not have SimpleMind in their best college student planner list. But it deserves to be there. 

In conclusion, as the world continues to find ways to co-exist with coronavirus, apps are proving to be quite useful, especially for students. The apps above will not only help you prepare your work but also help you guarantee to delivery of quality work. So, explore them today and share your experience.