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Tony Robbins Becky Robbins – Tony Robbins Ex Wife

Tony Robbins Becky Robbins
Tony Robbins Becky Robbins

Tony Robbins Becky Robbins Taking a look at the bio of Becky Robbins Jenkins is a great way to get to know her as a person. There are various topics covered in her bio, including her relationship with her ex-husband, her career, her hobbies, and more.

Tony Robbins Becky Robbins
Tony Robbins Becky Robbins

Tony Robbins Becky Robbins– Tony Robbins Ex Wife

Tony Robbins Becky Robbins


During her career, Becky Robbins has adapted to different roles. She started as a saleswoman and later became a renowned motivational speaker.

She has also become a successful philanthropist. She has donated to the Operation Underground Railroad project.

Becky Robbins was born in California. She graduated from a local high school. She then attended the University of California. She went on to qualify as a nurse.

She later stepped down from her nursing profession to pursue other career opportunities. Currently, Becky is the vice president of Robbins Research International Inc.

She promotes seminars of various personalities, including Jim Rhon, NLP Erickson, and Ian Hypnosis. She has reached over 100 million US citizens with her infomercials.

In the early 1980s, Becky Robbins met John Grinder, a Neuro-linguistic programmer. The two of them became friends.

During this time, Becky was not on the same page with Tony Robbins. However, the relationship gave Becky direction. She did not want to disappoint her husband.


During her life, Becky Robbins has had a different role and she has been successful in achieving her goals.

She has mastered a number of skills and she has worked as a painter, nurse, artist, business woman, life coach, motivational speaker, philanthropist and author.

She has been promoted by a number of media markets and she has gained a good reputation among the people.

Her parents wanted her to get a good education. She got her high school diploma from a private school in California.

She was also encouraged to pursue her interest in medicine. Her family was also very educated and she was taught to value her academics.

During her childhood, Becky had an interest in biology and anatomy. She also had an interest in literature and music. She studied to become a nurse.

Sadly, she became unfulfilled with her nursing career. She left the nursing profession after she had children.

Personal life

Despite Becky Robbins’ fame as an inspirational speaker, author and philanthropist, her personal life remains very private.

She hasn’t shared details of her background, her children and her former husband. However, she does have an active Instagram account.

Becky was born in Denver, Colorado, United States. She grew up in an academic family and was encouraged to pursue higher education. She graduated from college in 1984.

She had her first marriage at age 18, but divorced after just three years. The following year, she married her second husband.

Becky married Tony Robbins in 1984. They have a daughter named Jolie Jenkins. They also have a son, Jairek.

They separated in 2001. During their time together, they adopted Becky’s three children from previous marriages.

Tony and Becky were not on the same page. They both had different expectations from their relationship.

They were not able to work out their differences, and their relationship eventually ended. But they did not give up on each other.

Relationship with ex-husband

During their relationship, Becky Robbins Jenkins and Tony Robbins endured a lot of adversity. Although they dated for more than two years, they finally split after a decade of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2001.

After their split, Becky has been single for a while. She hasn’t talked about any other men since the breakup. She’s also not pursuing any other relationships.

She’s focused on the positive aspects of her life. Despite her divorce, Becky still believes in her business.

She’s also been working for several charitable organizations.

In addition to being an inspirational speaker, Becky Robbins has also been doing some outreach work for the company.

She’s even written articles. She’s also been involved with the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In fact, she’s travelled to Paris to visit some of the museums.

Hobbies and interests

Having a very private life, Becky Robbins Jenkins has remained quiet on her hobbies and interests. She is known for her work as a philanthropist and artist, having created and sold “Personal Power” tapes.

She has a studio in Del Mar, San Diego, California. She also showcases her artwork through an art website.

She has appeared in commercials promoting her products.

In the early 1980s, she met Neuro-linguistic Programmer John Grinder. She had a desire to know herself, and she wanted to learn about different things. At age 17,

she started a career as a motivational speaker, promoting seminars for various personalities. In addition to being a speaker, she also taught NLP Erickson Ian Hypnosis lessons.

When she first married Tony Robbins, Becky had three children. Her youngest child was five years old. However, she gave birth to her second child when she was fifteen.

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