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BB Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode 20th Jan 2023 Elimination


BB Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode 20th Jan 2023 Elimination: Hello, all the Bigg Boss 16 fans, we’re back with exclusive updates of your favorite and largely awaited television reality show, as the Friday (Shukarvaar Ka Vaar), 20th January 2023 occasion is bringing the high voltage drama along with some inviting conditioning.

As the host, Salman Khan is coming to make the rivals correct those miscalculations they’ve done in the former week during the tasks and rotisserie days exertion and this is the reason, nearly everyone is staying to get the occasion because, through the recent occasion, the trip of a one will be ended too.

The occasion begins where Shalin asks Bigg Boss to call him into the concession room as he wants to talk to him, regarding certain effects which are eating him from outside, and therefore, he wants to partake commodity.

Latterly, Bigg Boss asks him to come inside the concession room and asks him about the problem he’s going through.

Shalin breaks down while expressing his passions and feelings because he has remained alone in the house because everyone is allowing they’re correct and he’s the only bone who’s wrong therefore, losing the alliances too as they aren’t ready to talk about the effects.

BB Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode 20th Jan 2023 Elimination

BB Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode 20th Jan 2023 Elimination

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss makes him understand that in the house everyone has their perception and they love to follow that, so as far as he has concerned he shouldn’t have any problem with their geste.

Shalin asks Bigg Boss “ it the room is lightproof ” he replies yes, and also without any ado, he abuses hard while throwing his frustration out and also requests Bigg Boss to get him out as he’s not suitable to survive ahead in the show with similar rivals who aren’t indeed ready to talk to him and thus, he doesn’t want to stay in the house now.

In the former occasion, as the followership watched that Bigg Boss blazoned the TTF (Ticket To Finale) task under which, the rivals were to take a amicable decision and they decided to take Shiv’s name because he has a great donation to the show so he deserves to be in the homestretch.

But Nimrit gets offended as Shiv also takes Priyanka’s name as she was awaiting her name to be taken by him but he capsized the entire game.

So don’t miss watching the show on Colors television and for further details stay tuned with us

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