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Avoiding Stress While Traveling


Avoiding Stress While Traveling: Even though you have often traveled or vacationed to a place, you may often experience excessive anxiety before leaving for travel. This feeling of stress is triggered by many things. Starting from the work that still has to be done even though the time for departure will arrive, remembering the items to be carried, applying for a visa, determining where to go, making activity schedules, vacation budget, and much more.

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Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand, which could explain why the same medication is prescribed to treat both conditions. A study published in 2016 in the journal Neuropharmacology revealed that CBD treatment caused the neurotransmitter serotonin peaks in mice to show signs of stress-induced depression. Serotonin is a communication molecule that helps nerve cells send and receive signals from one another. It plays an important role in mood and stress management.

CBD works with the 5HT1A serotonin receptors and works to increase serotonin availability in the brain, which can reduce anxiety and improve your mood. In an animal study carried out in 2016, Spanish researchers found that CBD can affect serotonin levels in the brain more quickly than SSRIs. Thanks to the mood-stimulating properties of this molecule, serotonin is the target of many antidepressant drugs. However, antidepressants can take two weeks or longer to be fully effective.

In addition, here are some tips for dealing with stress before traveling:

1. Think of a Vacation Schedule

When viewing flight ticket promo offers, everyone will immediately be tempted to buy it. To avoid stress when leaving for traveling, you should consider your departure time. If the ticket promo offer only applies when the work usually piles up, you should just ignore it. If you find that the time is right and you don’t have too much work to do, don’t forget to think about how many days you will take time off. Leave an extra day for you to rest after your vacation so you don’t feel grumpy because you have to return to “reality”.

2. List

Write down what are the causes of your stress while on vacation. Starting from a list of tasks to be completed, travel plans, luggage, and much more.

3. Allow Time Shortly Before and After the Flight

Airlines always recommend passengers arrive about 2-3 hours before flight time. Apart from not being late, it turns out that another reason is so that you can enjoy some time after going through all the processes before and after the flight. You also will not feel stressed because of being pressed for time.

4. Always think positive

Before leaving for vacation, you will often imagine what things will happen while you are in a tourist spot. In order not to feel stressed, don’t forget to always think positively and realistically. Thinking about the possibilities in a kind way will help keep your mind clear.

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