Home News Arbaaz Khan Gets Irritated at Dabangg 3 Questions While Promoting His Film

Arbaaz Khan Gets Irritated at Dabangg 3 Questions While Promoting His Film


Arbaaz Khan Gets Irritated at Dabangg 3 Questions While Promoting His Film: Once again Arbazz Khan is trying to get his career back on track and his new movie Jeen isi Ka Naam Hai is soon to be release. During the promotion of the film Arbaaz Khan had to speak to the media and he answer bluntly questioned because media is answering question about Dabangg 3.

Arbaaz Khan Gets Irritated at Dabangg 3 Questions While Promoting His Film

Salman Khan

During the press conference Arbaaz Khan got angry when someone asked question on Salman upcoming movie Dabangg 3 and he said let’s talk about my current movie? But asking this question you are insulting me as a director of this movie.

Incidentally, people can’t stop them self to ask question because audience are crazy about those movies. Arbaaz Khan, when and where Arbazz go people always ask these questions and he always give the answer to them.

So, this time why Arbazz got angry no one knows. Maybe they want to focus too much on their careers or have upset with Salman Khan busy schedule.

Three time Salman khan has changed the script of his upcoming movie Dabangg 3 and by which Arbazz is still being working on script. According to the situation Salman Khan will going to be released his Dabangg 3 on 2018 Eid.

Salman Khan has already been joined with 10 movie sequels. Some of them are created, some plans and some are rumors.

1. Tiger Zinda Hai

Ranbir Kapoor first Look of Sanjay Dutt Biopic

Kabir Khan recently spoke openly on Salman movie Tiger Zinda Hai and this movie is completely depending on Ali Abbas.

2. Kick 2

Salman Khan

It is believed that Salman Khan is in a double role in Kick 2. Salman Khan is the hero and villain of Kick2. Sajid says that now he is working on the script and therefore he is finalized anything.

3. Dabangg 3

Salman Khan

Salman Khan are coming with his great big bang. At least so it seems from his words nowadays. According to the gossip in the street, Salman Khan wants best actor Jackie Chan cameo in Dabangg 3.

4. Race 3

Salman Khan


According to the source Salman Khan got the offer of Race 3 and he reject the offer and suggest Ali Abbas Zafar.

5. Dhoom 4

Salman Khan

There has been much speculation about the film. Several names have been added to the movie. Salman Khan name is coming out and Salman khan maybe will be going to lead hero of Dhoom 3.

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