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Anime Wallpaper Full HD | All Wallpapers Apps


Anime Wallpaper is a free wallpaper software with thousands of cute anime backgrounds from all of your favourite shows. It comes with a dozen high-resolution cute anime wallpapers to select from, depending on your mood, who you’re with, and what manga or anime you’re now viewing.

Anime Wallpaper Full HD | All Wallpapers Apps

Beautiful anime backdrops HD 4K, best suitable wallpapers for anime guy, female, naruto. Regularly updated! Choose your favourite anime title’s finest wallpapers!

Anime Wallpaper include all wallpaper from all site anime popular. Have more anime characters, such as an anime boy, a sweet baby wallpaper with fan art, a gorgeous anime background, and an anime wall hd. When new anime is released, we will update the photos on a daily basis.

Top Anime titles:

• Goblin Slayer wallpaper
• Hunter x Hunter wallpaper
• JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure wallpaper
• K-On! wallpaper
• Kill La Kill wallpaper
• Konosuba wallpaper
• Angels of Death wallpaper
• Another wallpaper
• Assassination Classroom wallpaper
• Attack on Titan wallpaper
• Bakemonogatari wallpaper
• Black Butler wallpaper
• Detective Conan wallpaper
• Dragon Ball Z wallpaper
• Fairy Tail wallpaper
• Fullmetal Alchemist wallpaper
• Naruto wallpaper
• No Game No Life wallpaper
• One Piece wallpaper
• One Punch Man wallpaper
• Bleach wallpaper
• Sword Art Online wallpaper
• Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari wallpaper
• Kuroko no Basket wallpaper
• Love Live! wallpaper
• Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid wallpaper
• Mob Psycho 100 wallpaper
• Code Geass wallpaper
• Cowboy Bebop wallpaper
• Darling in the FranXX wallpaper
• Overlord wallpaper
• Re:Zero wallpaper
• My Hero Academia wallpaper
• Angel Beats wallpaper
• Tokyo Ghoul wallpaper
..and many others!


This is an unauthorised app created by anime lovers. Any company is not linked with, promoted, sponsored, or particularly approved of the content in this app. This software is mostly intended for enjoyment, with anime wallpapers available to all anime enthusiasts.

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