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Remember Amit Sana From Indian Idol Season 1? Here’s What He Is Up To These Days



Remember Amit Sana From Indian Idol Season 1? Here’s What He Is Up To These Days: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic to Remember Amit Sana From Indian Idol Season 1? Here’s What He Is Up To These Days.

Remember Amit Sana From Indian Idol Season 1?

Amit Sana

Amit Sana

As all of you know that Amit Sana is an Indian singer and he is from Bhilai, a city in the Chattisgarh state. He was the runner-up in the first Indian Idol. His singing competition held in India. Amit has made some of his own albums such as Chal diye, Yaadein.

He was also a Classical singer before, but after coming into the singing show called Indian Idol, then he started singing modern Bollywood songs more continuously.

Indian Idol Season 1

He is also interested in dancing and is very interested to perform on stage shows. Amit Sana has also participated in the reality show known as Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar on Star Plus.

It is been almost 12 years now but unfortunately, singer Amit Sana is missing from the Television. Despite earning so much popularity, Sana’s singing career has not affected.

Though, he could not win the title of the first season of the singing show Indian Idol. But he managed to win the hearts of millions through his melodious and mesmerizing voice. Yes, we are talking about Amit Sana from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh. He was declared the first runner up of Indian Idol Season 1 in the year March 2005.

Indian Idol 1

Post Indian Idol, he said, did two albums; one was produced by himself in the year 2008. After that, he was mostly doing stage shows in India and other foreign countries too. In the year 2010, he did try hands-on composing songs but then he took a break from it because it was a little difficult for him to understand the audience’s taste of music.

Since it kept changing. Also, while composing songs, and his riyaaz was suffering and so he decided to take a break from it. Right now, Amit only concentrating on singing and still preparing to become a successful playback singer.  Sana said in an interview.

Speaking more about the life of post-Indian Idol, Amit Sana added, the Indian Idol show was a dream cum true period for me. It changed my life in a positive way, but honestly, the real fight started to post the show.

When the time I was on television, someone was producing the show; all I had to do was just to concentrate on my singing. But after that, he faced a lot of difficulty in getting a good project. The most difficult phase was to generate works for his own self.

There are so many artists who are willing to do anything to get the work, but he does not believe in this philosophy. He believes in hard work and no short cut in his work.

Elaborating more on the phase of struggling in his career, he said just a year later after the show Indian Idol happened, he was jobless. At that time, people liked my singing; but unfortunately, he did not have work.

That was a very bad year for him. Again in the year, 2008 to 2009 was a struggling period for Amit. He had to really work very hard to come out of this phase of fighting. Thankfully, he is getting enough stage shows now which means that people still like his works.

He said, I am a late learner but starting stage, it did take time to understand the depth of the songs; but now I am ready for playback singing. My motto is clear now and I am sure it will really help me in achieving my dreams.

However, singer Amit Sana’s dream is to come to his expectation. He also wants to use music for a social cause. In fact, the singer has already taken a new step ahead in achieving his dream of helping people in society.

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