Home News Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey died: Know How He Died?

Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey died: Know How He Died?

Amen Ama Bruce Ghartey died
Amen Ama Bruce Ghartey died

We are sorry to share the shocking news that Uncle Ato’s widow Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey died suddenly. Alexander Bruce-Ghartey, a well-known musician, is also known as Uncle Ato. 

According to the report, Uncle Ato announced his wife’s suicide on social media Monday. This news broke on the internet recently and uncounted reactions have been hitting the headlines as soon as it goes viral.

Many people are curious about Amen Ama Bruce–Ghartey’s story and how she died. We have more information on the news, and will share it with our readers in this article.

Many people are curious about the death of Mrs Amen Ama Bruce–Ghartey. According to the Mrs Amen Ama-Bruce-Ghartey, she died unexpectedly.

On 10 November 2022, she took her final breath. Uncle Ato, her husband, has announced her passing news. According to the report, Amen Ama Bruce–Ghartey’s cause has not been revealed by her family. For more information on the news, you are at the right place. Please read the entire article.

What happened to Amen Ama Bruce -Ghartey’s Family?

According to reports, the gospel singer Uncle Ato, real name Alexander Bruce Ghartey, has just divorced.

Amen Ama Bruce, his wife, died on Thursday. Uncle Ato, a Ghanaian dramatist and motivational speaker, is his name. He was born in James Ebo Whyte on 20 July 1945.

Since 2008, he has produced and composed more than 45 plays. He is Roverman Productions’ principal writer and artistic director.

His best work earned him a lot of fame and is why he is so famous. For more news, scroll down.

Uncle Ato and Amen Ama Bruce, his wife, were married in 1983. They don’t have biological children, but have adopted some. He completed his secondary education.

For six years, he worked as a clerk at Ghana’s SSNIT. Uncounted reactions have started to hit the headlines since Amen Ama Bruce’s death was announced on the internet.

Many people have expressed their sympathy and paid tribute to Amen Ama Bruce on social media platforms. Rest in peace Amen Ama, Bruce. We have provided all information that we could find. Keep checking Social Telecast for additional updates

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