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AMC Entertainment Holdings Increases: Here’s What You Need to Know


AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc: Compared to the most recent 1-year high of $52.78, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AMC) had a growth of 18.86 percent from its most recent closing price. The price of the company’s stock increased 52.34 percent over the previous five trading days. AMC Scores a Beat at a Difficult Time for Meme Stocks, according to a May 22 article from Barron’s

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Is AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AMC) a Good Investment Now?

Additionally, AMC’s 36-month beta rating is 1.64. It’s crucial to note that 0 analysts out of 7 who gave AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. ratings gave the company a “buy” rating, while 0 gave it a “overweight” rating, 3 gave it a “hold” rating, and 4 gave it a “sell” rating.

Analysts’ average estimate is $4.71, which is $13.09 less than the current price. AMC had a 42.79M share average trading volume today.

Market Performance of AMC

AMC stock gained 52.34 percent for the week, 53.18 percent for the month, and 50.99 percent for the quarter, while its yearly performance rate was -33.81 percent. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.’s volatility ratio for the past week is 14.86 percent, compared to 9.26 percent for the previous 30 days. AMC stock has a simple moving average for the most recent 20 days of 40.66 percent and a simple moving average for the most recent 200 days of 5.16 percent.

AMC’s position among analysts

Wedbush reiterates the rating for AMC by designating it as a “Underperform,” which several brokerage companies have already filed in their reports for AMC equities. Wedbush estimates that the price of AMC will be $7.50 in the upcoming term based on a research study released on November 4 of the prior year 2021.

In a research released on May 26 of the previous year, B. Riley Securities rated AMC as “Neutral” and put the target price at $16.

AMC is currently trading 58.63 percent away from its 50-Day Moving Average

AMC was unable to recover from a market wobble that caused it to reach its 52-week low price; as a result, the business now reports a loss of -57.98 percent for the indicated time period.

Volatility was maintained at 9.26%, but over the past 30 days, it has climbed by 14.86% as shares have risen by +51.30% for the moving average over the previous 20 days. In contrast, the stock is currently trading +113.47 percent higher over the past 50 days.

AMC increased by +52.34 percent over the course of the previous five trading sessions, which decreased the 200-day moving average by -45.64 percent relative to the 20-day moving average, which closed at $16.14. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. also saw a -18.46 percent decline in value over the course of a year, with a propensity to reduce losses.

Insider Trading

According to reports, AMC was the subject of many insider trading transactions, beginning on March 31 when MCDONALD JOHN D sold 25,000 shares for $23.91 at the company. Using today’s closing price, MCDONALD JOHN D now directly owns 1,463 shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., making the total worth of his holdings $597,625 as of today.

According to the most recent closing price, FRANK ELIZABETH F, the EVP & CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., sold 20,000 shares for $29.91 during a move that occurred back on Mar 29. This indicates that FRANK ELIZABETH F is currently holding 4,168 shares valued $598,240.

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