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Alex Murdaugh Says He’s Embarrassed of What He’s Done


Alex Murdaugh is a lawyer who’s been accused of fraud by at least three clients. He’s also been accused of staging his own murder. But he’s confident that he’s not guilty, and says he’s ashamed of the things he’s done.

‘I defrauded clients at my law firm’

When you are an attorney, you want to do everything you can to avoid scams and ripoffs. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In fact, you might find yourself in the middle of a nefarious scheme.

This is why it is important to be aware of the best practices when it comes to avoiding these frauds.

A scam isn’t limited to a website. One of the most common types of fraud involves using a counterfeit cashier’s check.

For example, you might receive a check for $270,000 from a medical company, but after a long period of time, the money disappears from your bank account.

Another method is to wire the funds to an overseas account. Both methods can lead to substantial losses for a lawyer.

The best way to avoid a cashier’s check scam is to ensure that the check is actually a legitimate amount. Many of these schemes are conducted before the three-day bank holidays, so you might have to wait a few days before you see your money again.

And be sure to keep your receipts and statements, in case you need to file a complaint.

‘I’m embarrassed for what I’ve done’

When someone says, “I’m embarrassed for what I’ve done,” they are expressing an emotional reaction to an unwanted social predicament.

The feelings of embarrassment can be triggered by a number of events, such as failing publicly. It can also be the result of watching another person perform something embarrassing.

For example, if you see a friend make a mistake at Bingo, you might feel ashamed. This type of embarrassment is called secondhand embarrassment.

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Some people refer to embarrassment as a more minor feeling than shame, because it’s temporary in nature. Shame, on the other hand, can linger for a long time, and cause depression and anxiety.

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of your embarrassing actions, it might be beneficial to seek professional help.

A recent survey by CNN and KFF found that people who went without medical care because they were afraid of seeking help, cited feeling ashamed and embarrassed as reasons for not getting proper medical care.

Unlike shame, which is associated with a loss of self-esteem, embarrassment can be more a response to an event than a state of mind.

It can be used in an idiom, as in, “I’m embarrassed for what I’ve eaten.” Sometimes this idiom is light-hearted, as in, “I’m embarrassed by my dog.”