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Albert Lin lost his leg


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Albert lin lost his leg


A new exploration series called kicked off telecast on the National Geographic channel on Sunday, October 20th.

Lost Cities with Albert Lin takes many viewers on a journey from the Lost Kingdom of the Pacific. To the Knights Templar in the city of Israel. The motto of the series is to see how scientists can use modern technologies. To explore the ancient cultures and history.

The presenter Albert on the show may not be familiar to most of the viewers. But he is quickly earning himself a name in the world of exploration. He is even been dubbed the show called bionic Indiana Jones.

So, who is Albert Lin, the show’s presenter? And how did he lose his foot? Here is everything that one should need to know.

Who is Albert Lin?

Albert Lin is a 38-year-old Television presenter. He was graduated from the University of California San Diego technologist and also National Geographic Explorer.

A National Geographic Explorer is a scholar funded by the organization. To conduct research or an exploration project. Albert’s first project with National Geographic was Valley of the Khans. An exploration into Mongolia’s past. One can also read more about this project here.

Albert was a student at UCSD. He studied his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees there. Then he obtained a Ph.D. in material science.

Despite his beginning to grow a career as a Television explorer. Albert has not completely unrestrained his love for studying and science. He co-founded a company that uses a video game to teach the subject of science to students.

More recently, Albert and some other lecturers at UCSD. Launched the Centre for Human Frontiers. This is a think tank that focuses on technology’s role in shaping modern society. The modern man. Pretty impressive thing.

How did Albert lose his foot?

On the year September 26th, 2016, Albert Lin had a major accident. That meant he required his right leg to be cut off by a surgical operation.

Albert was away from the road vehicle accident. Which is resulted in his leg bones shattering. Next his leg and beneath the kneecap was removed. He was fitted with a Prosthetic Limb. This was after the three weeks of discussion. Whether or not to “go bionic” in the hospital.

But he has not let the accident take away from his love. For exploration and one can frequently spot Albert. His new foot surfing, skating, and hiking.

And Albert has been very truthful and straightforward about his accident. Much of the story is receive and pass on his Instagram.

Follow Albert on the social media

If one should want to know more about Albert Lin. Then the best place to keep up to date with his latest works is on Instagram and Twitter.

He shares snaps of all of his epic adventures. To the likes of Jordan, Peru, Israel, and Death Valley in the city of California. Albert will take on any field.

So, this is the important information on the topic of Albert Lin lost his leg. Here I have mentioned who is he, his journey as a television presenter, and how he lost his leg.

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