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Advocate Trinity Hospital: The Place For Expectant Moms and Dads-To-Be


Advocate Trinity Hospital, located in Chicago’s South Side is a hospital that focuses on equity and access.

It also works to improve health outcomes by partnering with evidence-informed service providers and other partners.

Leaders believe that personal relationships create better patient-physician relationships and improve health outcomes.

This belief was embodied in the hospital’s recent recognition as HealthGrades’ top performing hospital.

OB-GYN Services

Advocate Trinity hospital’s OB/GYN staff has a lot of options for expectant mothers, including high-tech suites and a special care nursery at level II.

The hospital is also one of the few Chicago hospitals to be designated Baby-Friendly by United Nations Children’s Fund and World Health Organization.

This means that expectant mothers who have diabetes, fibroids or other chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, will receive extra care.

On the topic of OB-GYN, a South Side hospital will soon reopen its labor and delivery ward — adding 35 beds to a community that already faces a shortage of options.

Advocate Aurora Health has a larger COVID-19 plan. This reopening will be one of many.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is an essential part of the healthy fetal development process, yet it is often a challenge for new mothers.

Fortunately, advocate trinity hospital offers an array of breastfeeding support services that can help you and your baby reach your goals.

Peer counselors receive ongoing clinical guidance and training to provide a comprehensive array of supportive breastfeeding counseling services from pregnancy through one year postpartum.

A BHP International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is available for consultation and direct support when more specialized knowledge or clinical expertise is needed.

The BHP program is designed to provide a continuum of breastfeeding support, considering cultural-contextual influences on breastfeeding and social determinants of health.

It also incorporates a robust monitoring and evaluation system and continuous quality improvement to ensure high-quality service delivery.

Community baby showers

Advocate trinity Hospital is the best place for expectant parents and their children to get a variety of healthcare services, including OB/GYN as well as pediatrics.

There are many programs at the hospital that help improve the lives and health of our children.

One such program is the baby shower – a free and fun afternoon of feeding, games, gifts and other baby related swag for expectant parents and their babies.

This is the largest baby shower in the area, spanning two days with over 300 participants, so it’s a good idea to reserve your spot early! The blog and facebook pages provide more details about the event.

You can also call the hospital and make an appointment. Our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you soon! All of these events are completely free.

Food Farmacy

Patients with diabetes or uncontrolled blood sugar can use the Food Farmacy program at Advocate Trinity Hospital to help them eat healthy.

Patients are referred by their physicians to this program. They receive nutritional education and prescriptions for food from dieticians and support with social care from community health workers.

It’s an opportunity to make positive choices about their future for patients such as Caitlyn Asama and Christina Baum.

As National Health Corps Chicago members, they’re serving as diabetes educators and health educators in Trinity’s Healthy Living Food Farmacy program.

The Food Farmacy program is a part of the hospital’s Healthy Living Program and is supported by a donation from Old National Bank.

It’s a program that greatly improves access to nutritious foods for both Advocate Trinity Hospital patients and the local community.

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