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A Buyer’s Guide to Sofas


A Buyer’s Guide to Sofas: Sofas are the focal point of every lounge room, whether used a meeting place for family and friends to gather, or for some much-needed alone time. As much as it is a place for rest, the lounge room is a social area. Invite your loved ones to sit, relax and debrief with a sofa large enough for all your guests.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Sofas

At 1825 Interiors, we have an extensive selection of custom-made and ready-made sofas to suit your home. Our sofas come in a variety of materials, colours, fabrics, fills and styles, all of superb quality. For a durable couch that contributes to your home’s style and adds character, we’ve got you covered. 

What’s Your Budget?

Before you set off to buy a sofa for your home, decide on your budget. Ensure this step is used whenever you make a purchase for your home. With a clear budget, choosing a sofa is a much simpler process. 

1825 Interiors have constant sales running, ensuring you can purchase luxury items with an inexpensive price tag. As a member of our Privilege Club, you could access prices lower than those available to the general public. 

We love our customers, so we do everything to ensure their satisfaction.

It’s Time to Measure

Measuring is a key aspect of interior design, assuming things will fit is not an option when pieces are heavy and costly. Ensuring accurate dimensions will allow you to make an informed decision and increase your ability to choose an ideal sofa that is both stylish and practical enough for your lounging needs. 

1825 Interiors is here to help make your shopping experience simpler, so we’ve conveniently provided all of the measurements for our sofas. 

Who Will Be Sitting on Your Sofa?

How many people will be sitting on your sofa? How often do you have social gatherings? Do you have a family? Ask yourself these simple questions about the purpose of your sofa, to refine your decision making process.  

Size and material are prominent factors if you have a family as small children come with mess. A leather sofa is perfect in this situation. Leather is a durable and easy to clean material.

Opt for a small, yet comfortable couch if purchasing for only one person. Rest easy on 1825 Interiors’ Fitzroy 2 Seater Sofa. Every detail in this sofa has been given the utmost care and attention, ensuring these pieces not only look fabulous, but feel luxurious as well. It’s a timeless design with durable 100% polyester fabric, infusing comfort with classic style.

Do you have a large family or often have people over? Our Matrix Corner Modular Sofa is the best seating choice to accommodate you and your friends. Uniquely, the sofa features reversible, 100% polyester fibre-filled back cushions.

Sofa Style

Colour, shape, and material are three key factors when finding a perfectly-styled sofa.

A simple way to add dimension is to match your sofa shape to the shape of your room. Place a rectangular shaped couch like the Alpha 2 Seater Sofa in a rectangular room. This sofa has rubberwood legs in a washed oak colour and comes with rectangular matching cushions, enhancing comfort.

Open Planned living rooms that connect to the kitchen and dining room, require a round-edge sofa. Our Juliet Sofa creates a softer, cosier ambiance by removing hard lines and angles.

There are lot’s of beautiful sofa available in the market like this Ottoman Sofa in Sydney that you can choose from. And ask for recommendation from the staff.

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