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7 Ways To Master Your Move Abroad


Moving abroad can conjure up a myriad of emotions. Excitement, fear, nervousness, you name it – you’ll be feeling it! However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful and anxiety-ridden experience. Moving is an exciting and life-changing experience, so embracing all of the ups and downs will lead to a more peaceful, enjoyable adventure. We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your cool and enjoy your new life!

Learn The Language

Knowing the language of your new country will make your life ten times easier when you arrive. If you can communicate you can speak to your new neighbors, get a job and secure home all on your own! If you require a translator (or are relying on not so trustworthy translating apps) then your experience will be more frustrating and everything will get done much slower! Before you relocate, why not book into some intensive language classes so that you have a basic grasp of your new language at the very least. If you can talk to people in their native language, you’ll find it much easier to make friends!

Save, Save, Save!

Moving anywhere can be expensive! Let alone to another country. It’s possible that you don’t have a new job organized yet or have to pay a big rental deposit upfront. Having a good amount in savings will be so helpful for initially getting on your feet. Ensure that you set up a bank account that offers free cash withdrawals abroad or an account with an international transfer service that doesn’t cost the earth so that you can access your money in your new country. 

Get Insured 

Keeping safe during and after your move is paramount. No one wants to be injured or unwell in a new and unfamiliar country. Organize International Travel Medical Insurance before you leave so that you’ll be covered on your travels and once you’ve arrived. Different countries handle medical treatment differently, for example in most European countries payment for medical treatments is charged on a sliding scale of insurance and income. However, in some countries such as Australia, ambulances can cost upwards of $400 AUD if you don’t have insurance! Avoid a huge payout if something happens by locking in your insurance right away, it will be of benefit to your health and your dollars!

Have An Open Mind 

It can be super daunting to relocate, especially if you experience a culture shock when you arrive. This is totally normal, particularly if you’re moving from a Westernised country to the East or vice-versa. Having an open mind will mean that you are open to new experiences that may end up shaping your new life. You will also be able to relax and will reduce any disorientating incidents if you’re just happy to enjoy the ride. However, you approach your new life, just ensure that you stay respectful of any rules or laws that dictate the culture to avoid offending locals or even breaking laws. You don’t want to be ostracised or arrested! 

Join Ex-pat Community Groups

Wherever you move to it is likely that there will be at least a few ex-pats around. Reach out through social media or local recommendations to find people who may be going through the same transition as you and you can connect with them. Being around others in similar situations can help ease your stresses and help you feel connected to your own home country. 

But Make Sure You Integrate With Locals 

One of the best things about moving abroad is to meet new people and learn a new way of life. Although spending time with ex-pats will help you ease into a different country, immersing yourself in your new home’s culture and community is equally important. Join local clubs of things you enjoy such as running clubs or a book club to meet new people and make friends. The quick you settle into new groups, the quicker you will feel at home. Making friends with locals also means you can discover cool places such as restaurants and bars that are away from main tourist traps. 

Keep Close To Your Connections Back Home 

Whilst it’s important to focus on your new life, you should also be keeping close to your friends and family back home (if you want to stay in touch that is!). Arrange Zoom calls, create Whatsapp groups and tag them in social media pics, whatever you need to do to let them know you miss them and are thinking of them. They’ll likely be missing you a ton and want to get a glimpse of your new life!

Have you just moved abroad? Let us know your top tips in the comments that helped you acclimatize!