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7 Tips for Inspiring Yourself & Your Team Daily


Change in the workplace tends to cause uncertainty, tension, and anxiety in both the people who are affected by it and the executives who are implementing it. Unfortunately, this has an unavoidable impact on staff motivation and performance. Inspiring yourself and your team increases employee engagement and workplace performance.

Motivation is an intrinsic aspect of team building (changing oneself from within) as opposed to an extrinsic part (external rewards) and difficulty for almost every team leader. Unfortunately, some managers still rely on old-school approaches like authority and fear to get results, or they rely on employees’ goodwill. Be cautious if you do this. 

This only works for a short period of time and can eventually harm your credibility as a team leader. A leadership style with an employee-focused attitude, in my opinion, is one of the most important elements to inspiring your team. Through my experience leading teams, there are seven critical stages that can help you become a superb team leader who inspires and motivates your staff.

Specified Objective 

Setting goals is linked to task performance and is the primary source of intrinsic motivation, which is motivated by an interest in the work. Setting explicit and measurable goals leads to increased output and improved team performance. The idea is to define specific, quantifiable goals with a completion date. This step can assist in avoiding misunderstandings.

Modern sales performance management is simply how the best sales companies operate today. All it really means is that you’re using data to unlock and maximize your team’s potential, as well as to assess how you compare to the competition.

People Must Be Empowered

Another crucial stage is for team members to be open and directly involved in decision-making. Provide assistance and stimulate conversation to assist the team in resolving difficulties. Rather than bringing the problems to you, coach and encourage them to fix them. Delegate additional duties to the team as their confidence, dedication, and competence grow, and allow the team members to make decisions and solve problems.


Change frequently entails the team learning new abilities in order to grasp and interpret new ways of working. The team leader must give the team and individual team members the opportunity to create and test the new strategy. Make sure you’ve provided the right amount of development and training, and provide the team and its members enough opportunity to practice their newly acquired abilities.

What are we doing if we don’t give ourselves a pat on the back when we accomplish wonderful things? Take the time to recognize all of the positive things you’re doing. Don’t overlook the minor details; they all build-up to major accomplishments! If you are a manager, tell your employees that you have observed their work and that they are doing an excellent job! If you see a colleague kicking goals, tell them they are wonderful and to keep it up. We all play a part in motivating one another.

Make the Vision Known

The process of defining, developing, and presenting the vision is quite simple. The real challenge is inspiring others to follow. To motivate your team, present a simple, clear, and relevant vision of the future. This is not a simple task. You are asking people to follow your vision to its conclusion, and some may disagree. Don’t push them to conform, but attempt to show them the right road.

REMEMBER, it is preferable to make a path adjustment than to continue down a path that will not lead you to your intended end goal. Accept accountability for your actions. It will be a learning experience for your team to hear you admit to making a mistake rather than forcing the team to reach a bad goal. Once again, you must be credible, trustworthy, and believable.

Demonstrate Your Appreciation and Value

You must devote time and effort to your team. Every person on your team should feel respected, appreciated, and valued. They must be aware that you are personally invested in and committed to them. Recognizing their contribution, commitment, and effort demonstrates that they are valued and that the work they accomplish is important.

As a leader, it is important to let your team know how to earn respect as well as show them how much you respect them and how important the work they are doing is. One great way to do this is by scheduling team-building activities that can help your team de-stress and show your appreciation at the same time. If you have a team that is working remotely, this is still an option. With sites like www.escapely.com, setting up team bonding events has never been easier. Whatever you decide works best for your team, demonstrating your appreciation will help you continually inspire your team.

Understand Your Employees

Knowing the “ingredients” of the people you are motivating and inspiring is the secret formula for inspiring personnel. People will want to know that their leaders understand their knowledge, preferences, and behaviors well enough to effectively work with and motivate them. The best leaders and coaches are always interested in getting to know their team members. It takes time to listen to and learn about each team member, but make the time you spend with your staff count. Don’t expect your time and title to be enough to motivate them.

Personnel is most inspired when their leaders take some time to get to know them and show that they are looking out for their best interests.

Professional Advancement and Development

Historically, leaders have utilized more responsibility to motivate employees to perform better. While this strategy has merit, it is when a leader can help encourage their colleagues’ professional growth and development that performance thrives. Leaders must devote more time to mentoring and directing their employees’ growth and development.

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A team whose members are connected with its goal has a sense of belonging and being valued in their work. The team will be inspired and driven, and they will accept responsibility for their activities.

So, go ahead and encourage and motivate your staff!