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6 Habits That Are Causing Issues To Your Marriage Life


6 Habits That Are Causing Issues To Your Marriage Life: Marriages are made in heaven but the effort that needs to be put in doesn’t come from above. It has to be woven, assembled and implemented by both spouses to culminate a happy married life. It has been estimated that about 40 to 50% of couples in the United States opt for divorce every year. But why is this happening? Where is the hook loosening? If you are here to find an answer to each of these questions because your marriage is on the same page as here, you’ve arrived!

6 Habits That Are Causing Issues To Your Marriage Life

Let us dive into the 6 habits that are causing issues in your marriage life:

Sexual differences

Sexual differences between partners are one of the most common problems that partners face while married. Due to excessive exhaustion, stress and other reasons, partners might not be willing to please each other’s sexual desires, which leaves either of them dissatisfied leading to anger and desperation.

This could be because either of you are suffering from some sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and similar others. The first and foremost solution is to discuss it with your partner, visit a top sexologist doctor together to get rid of these sexual differences.

The war of opinion

How many times have you fought with your partner over differences in your opinions about smoking, drinking, sex and stress? Uncountably right? That’s exactly what I am talking about.

Partners often battle with one another over matters like these which only deteriorate the relationship between them. As a result, differences begin to show up in their marriage leading to communication gaps.

The best solution is to lay down some communication rules amongst you both. Talk patiently. Listen patiently. Be kind while speaking and showcase an understanding behaviour so that the difference of opinion can be rooted out.

The uncool infidelity

Cheating in marriage has become a widely known problem amidst everyone. It is the most detrimental aspect of a marriage that steals away the aura of any relationship by diminishing trust, loyalty and love amidst partners.

If you are guilty of cheating on your partner, please apologize to her/him right away and make sure that the mistake is not repeated. If your partner has cheated on you instead, make sure you give her/him another chance to prove herself and rectify her/his betrayal.

The focus is on children

Every marriage must have the potential to balance relationships. When partners get engrossed in focusing on their children, leaving no room for love between partners or spending private time with each other, it can lead to a lot of problems.

Remember that marriage needs the same attention as all other relations do. Spend private time with your partner by taking them out for romantic dates, movie nights or maybe a small couple vacation. It helps!

Why so bored?

As partners spend most of their time with each other, the excitement of being in a relationship, the passion for each other and the affection begins to fade away. This can make partners feel excessively bored around one another, leading to a massive problem in marriage.

Partners often complain about boredom after a point in marriage mainly because of the same daily routine that both of you enforce every day. Try engaging in direct communication with your partner regarding the boredom in marriage and sort it out. Go out for regular dates, adventures and exotic vacations. You can also try a couple’s therapy when in need.

Jealousy in partners

Jealousy in partners can lead to a lot of arguments and ugly fights that can devastate both of you. In fact, after a certain point, this jealousy that previously seemed cute begins to feel extremely exhausting. You start to feel distant and fear to tell them anything that talks about another girl in the picture.

The best solution is to try and speak to your partner regarding this and resolve their insecurities so that you both can make way for a healthy and positive married life.

Do it for the Love!

All marriages face issues but what is most important is to rise above them and resolve all matters together. After all, when you tied the knot you promised to fight against all odds no matter what!