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5 Salient features of the HDFC ERGO health insurance plan you must know


Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 07:06 pm

Every health insurance company thrives to offer the best policies and competitive plans to create a strong network of satisfied customers. There are dozens of national and regional banks and financial entities that provide various medical coverages under specific plans for helping individuals cope up with existing inflation in the health sector. HDFC ERGO General Health Insurance company is one of the few leading names in this league. The firm is a joint venture of two of the successful financial institutions in the Indian market. Over 120 branches are employing over 3000 professionals to serve the consumers.

5 Salient features of the HDFC ERGO health insurance plan you must know

The HDFC Ergo health insurance review is filled with appreciation from customers who have savored the services. If you are looking for an insurance cover to protect your family against unforeseen medical crises, this would be the appropriate choice for the purpose. The high ICR (Incurred Claim Ratio) and exclusive features of the plans are the highest selling point of the company. 

Health insurance policies enable insured individuals to afford the best treatment. 

Key Features of HDFC Ergo Health Insurance 

The salient features of the policies are highly praised in the HDFC Ergo health insurance review. The strong network of over 10,000 hospitals serves the insured in the most hassle-free procedure. You can have ideal faith over the lump-sum benefit provided by the insurance plans of HDFC Ergo. 

Fast And Convenient Cashless Claims 

HDFC Ergo health insurance review clearly states that the cashless claim facility offered by the company is one of the fastest and more reliable in comparison to others. Not only that, but the claim settlement procedure of over 90% of the pre-authorized requests also get approval within 20minutes. The dedicated team of customer service department works 24×7 to look after these emergencies that may arise anytime. 

Cover For Daycare Procedures 

Many patients need to receive an immediate daycare procedure treatment that can be operated at home. This may not always require a 24-hour hospitalization. While some companies do not provide coverage until that deadline, HDFC Ergo does so. With most of the plans that cover this facility, you can claim insurance for daycare procedures that do not require hospitalization. There are 144 treatments inclusive of dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. 

Appreciation In Cover Cost 

The eye-candy factor of the HDFC Ergo health insurance review is that the customers are liable to receive a 5% increase in the basic sum insured under a plan for every claim-free year. The basic sum insured is the amount promised by the company without the add-ons or riders. This appreciation is valid up to as much as 50% of the total amount. So, for every year you stay healthy and fortunate, you will receive a “cumulative bonus” on your health insurance plan. 

No Sub-Limits 

Most of the insurance companies add a “sub-limit” clause on the total sum insured in the plan. As per this, you will be able to claim only a pre-defined percentage of the total amount on hospital room rents and treatment of certain diseases. For instance, if your policy has a sub-limit of 20% on cancer treatment and the insured sum is 10 lakhs, you can only avail 8 lakhs from your insurer. This reduces the policy value during the time of claim. However, the HDFC Ergo health insurance review gets positive feedback because there are no sub-limits on the available insurance plans. 

Domiciliary Treatment 

Medical crises and treatment procedures are unforeseen and inevitable where you can never assume things. There are situations when a hospital may suggest in-home treatments due to the non-availability of beds in the premises on the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. HDFC Ergo health insurance plans provide domiciliary treatment coverage in such cases. So, you do not have to worry about your insurance claim in case you face the same. 

Some Exclusive Benefits 

HDFC Ergo health insurance review also states a few exclusive benefits of insurance policies that you will be entitled to as a customer of the company. 

  • Free health checkups on the predefined intervals mentioned under the policy clauses. 
  • The cost of organ harvest is covered in case of any organ transplant treatment of the insured. 
  • A lump sum benefit is given on the diagnosis of any critical illness under the specified plans. 
  • The cost of treatment of fatal injuries caused by any personal accident of the insured is also covered under a few plans. 
  • Optional coverage benefits or riders are also available for inclusion in any of the plans to enhance longevity and coverages of the policy. 
  • Tax exemption facility under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 
  • If two or more members of your family are covered under the same individual insurance policy, you can avail a 10% family discount on the plan. 

The columns of HDFC Ergo Health insurance review are filled with the benefits and salient features of the plans offered by the company. You will not make a wrong decision if you wish to join the customer base of the same. 

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