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5 Reasons Why Tesla Powerwall 2 is the New Hype


5 Reasons Why Tesla Powerwall 2 is the New Hype: Sustainable energy, going green, reducing carbon footprint. All powerful keywords in the solar power game.  Shall we add long-term cost savings to that?

If you’re scouting for a solar battery system, then Tesla Powerwall 2 (PW2) lithium is definitely the brand worth considering.  From Tesla Energy, a leading name in residential solar panels energy systems, Tesla Powerwall batteries has helped the solar industry gain mainstream recognition and acceptance.

5 Reasons Why Tesla Powerwall 2 is the New Hype

After the successful release of 6.4kWh of the sleek first generation, the Powerwall 2 boasts of 13.5kWh storage capacity.   It has Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt(NMC) battery cells from Tesla, developed with Panasonic and similar to the ones used in Tesla electric cars.  Let’s talk more why the PW2 is still the battery to beat.

100% Discharge With 13.5kWh Usable Capacity

What sets Tesla apart from the other brands is that while other battery specifications are at “total capacity”, which includes actual reserves for battery life and therefore not usable, Tesla Powerwall is “usable capacity” which means all 13.4kWh can be used or discharged, 100%.  Definitely good as back-up power during outages, and making it ideal as well for an off-grid set-up.

AC Battery With Built-in Inverter

AC battery means DC voltage coming from the solar panels would need to be converted to AC using the integrated inverter for it to be usable for most appliances.

It has its pros and cons but one great edge of this product over others in the market is that it can be easily fitted to an already existing solar system.  Because it does not depend on an external inverter, there are no compatibility issues.

One of the downside is that up to 10% of power would be lost in the conversionfrom DC (from the solar panels) to AC power (for consumption), and vice versa from AC to DC for battery storage, then again when it is needed from the battery (DC to AC).

5kW Continuous Power Output, 7kW Peak Output Rating

A big step-up from the previous model’s 3.3kW DC output, the higher maximum output of 7kW, with 5kW continuous power output means it can meet the electricity demands of most households, even when high-powered appliances are running simultaneously

Liquid Cooling System

Batteries and heat don’t mix.  And Tesla is the only one in the market that uses liquid coolants allowing the PW2 to release more heat, and making it suitable for high load usage, fast charging and suitable in conditions with temperatures ranging from -20 to +50 degC.

Even though PW2 has this cool feature, it is still advisable to house it in sheltered spot like the garage or carport, for maximum performance and longevity, as lithium batteries perform poorly in temperatures above40 degC.

Easy Installation and 10 Year Warranty

As Powerwall 2 is more compact than its predecessor, it is easier to handle and install.  It can be mounted almost anywhere, on the ground or wall.And it because it has its own inverter, it is compatible with any existing solar systems.  That said, the ease of installation significantly pushes the cost down, therefore earlier return on your investment.  It also carries a 10 year warranty which is a better deal than its predecessor.

With all these juicy details, it is safe to say that Tesla Powerball 2 is twice as powerful as Powerball 1, and definitely leads the solar battery market.  The huge capacity is more than enough to power an entire household the whole day, in whatever situation: peak hours, high demand, evenings and any kind of weather, even blackouts.  The perfect off-grid solution.  And if one already has a grid connection, you can significantly reduce your electric bill as well.


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