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5 Reasons To Buy Solar Charge Controllers 


Solar Charge Controllers 

A solar charge controller is an absolute necessity if you own solar panels. Solar charge controllers are responsible for regulating the voltage and current that is coming from the solar panel to the battery, stopping it from overheating. Keep reading to discover all the reasons you need to buy solar charge controllers. 

Consistent And Safe Power Supply

Solar panel output can vary depending on several factors, such as the level of sunlight, temperatures, and the quality of the panels – among other factors. A solar charge controller can help regulate the variability of power the battery receives, making it smoother. 

Additionally, solar charge controllers can provide your battery with what is known as a ‘trickle charge’. Essentially, all batteries will regularly lose their power; a trickle charge will supply small amounts of energy regularly, keeping the battery topped up without overcharging it or causing overheating issues. 

Off-Grid Living

Solar charge controllers are not relatively necessary if you are using a solar panel system hooked up to the main grid since the excess solar power that is gathered will be automatically fed back into the main grid. 

However, for those hoping to use solar energy to go Off-Grid, meaning you are not connected to the main grid and are solely responsible for providing your own power, solar charge controllers are a necessity, especially if you do not want to use a backup generator. 

Prevents Reverse-Current Flow

Reverse current flow can occur when a solar panel does not collect solar energy and cannot generate electricity, and the electricity that’s in the solar panels then flows back into the batteries. This is most commonly seen at night and can cause the batteries to get drained and eventually weaken the lifespan of the batteries. 

However, using a solar charge controller can prevent this from happening as the solar charge controller maintains a small but continuous flow of energy to the batteries already, preventing reverse currents from flowing to the batteries. 

High Voltage Solar Panels

Many solar charge controllers are compatible with high voltage solar panels, allowing you to power your entire home so you can rely solely on clean and renewable solar energy as your electricity source. 

However, not all solar charge controllers are compatible with very high voltage output solar items, so it is always recommended to follow manufacturing instructions and choose a solar charge controller that suits your voltage output needs. 

Additional Features

After investing such a large amount of money in your new solar power system, many people will want to have as many extra features as possible. Purchasing a solar charge controller has many benefits on its own, but there are also many additional features they can offer. 

Some features to look out for when purchasing solar charge controllers are LCD displays, heat sensor ports for temperature control, lights that indicate charging level and even Bluetooth connectivity that can work in an app for optimal customisation. 

What Type of Solar Charge Controllers Are Available?

Now that you have discovered all the reasons you need to get a solar charge controller, you may be wondering what types of solar charge controllers are available and which type would best suit your needs. Continue reading to discover the differences between solar charge controllers and our top recommendations for you! 

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT solar charge controllers are the newest type of solar power technology developed and include many advanced benefits for its users. For example, MPPT solar charge controllers have the ability to set up the exact type of battery and battery bank voltage your solar panel system is supplying, fully customising your solar panel system. 

In addition, MPPT solar charge controllers will include a colour-coded light system for battery charging. Advanced models may even have a Bluetooth control option – allowing users to optimise their solar systems via an app. 

PWM Solar Charge Controller

PWM solar charger’s controllers are a slightly older type of controller and are often more affordable than an MPPT system. However, using a PWM solar charge controller instead results in losing out on many of the benefits that are offered in an MPPT system. 

PWM systems are essentially a switch that connects the panels and the battery, and as such, they do not transform the voltage of current. This switch turns on and off when the battery is discharged to maintain optimal battery levels. Another downside is PWM systems often do not have a temperature control system and can typically only operate to a maximum of 45-75 degrees celsius. 

Top Recommendations

No matter what type of solar charge’s control system you are looking for, there is an abundance of options available on the market to choose from! Here are some of our top choices: 

Top Range

If you want to invest seriously in a top-range solar charge’s control system, then the SunGoldPower Pure Shine Hybrid system is ideal. An MPPT system with all of the benefits mentioned above, 12 KW and 48VW, this system is the perfect home system.

Mid Range

Are you looking for a solar charger’s system that is mid-range? The Rich Solar 60 amp solar charge system operates as an MPPT system with fewer features than the above but still offers many benefits for its users. Whether you are looking for a system compatible with various batteries, overheating protection, and a 12v-48v DC system voltage recognition, this system is perfect. 

Lower Range

The Rich Solar 40 Amp solar charge system is the ideal affordable option for those who don’t need many of the additional features mentioned above but still want a reliable MPPT solar charge system. Compatible with various batteries, offering a 12-24v voltage recognition and overcharging/heating protection. 

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