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5 Clever Ways to Earn Extra Cash in College [Make $$$]


5 Clever Ways to Earn Extra Cash in College [Make $$$]: College students need all the money they can get. Before you go out and get a part-time job, read this. Here are 5 cool ways to make some extra cash in school.

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra cash while in college, you’re not alone. 

It’s hard staying afloat while your head is buried in a sea of books. We get it, taking out student loans and buying course books isn’t cheap!

5 Clever Ways to Earn Extra Cash in College [Make $$$]

You might be making some money from working, but balancing school and work has its challenges. It’s next to impossible to work full-time while going to school. And if you do pull it off, you’re exhausted from burning the candle at both ends. 

Luckily, there are easier ways to make money while you’re in school. 

There are traditional part-time jobs, such as babysitting and dog-walking. And there are even online opportunities that allow you to work from the comfort of your dorm. Then, you can work whenever you have some time, and you don’t have to worry about those dreadful commutes!

Your college job should have flexible hours. After all, you’ll need enough time to study as opposed to working every waking hour when you’re not in class!

Below, I’ll discuss a few creative ways to make some money in college. These jobs will help you earn some extra cash on your own terms, making your life a whole lot easier.

1. Tutoring

Do you excel in one particular class? Do you have an in-depth knowledge of geometry, English lit, or another subject?

If that’s the case, why not put your skills to good use?

There are a lot of students out there who struggle with school and would love your help. Whether you tutor high school students or other college students, there are a lot of tutoring opportunities out there.

According to Glassdoor, a student tutor can make around $20,000 a year! Of course, your salary depends on your experience level and how often you work.

But, it’s nice to be able to supplement your income while helping your fellow students.

If you want to tutor online, check out sites like Tutor.com and Chegg Tutors. These platforms allow you to meet with students via Skype so that you can work from your bedroom or the local coffee shop.

If you’d prefer to tutor in person, stop by your campus tutoring center. They may be able to connect you with someone who needs extra help.

Tutoring isn’t only lucrative; it’s a fulfilling job as well. It’ll no doubt feel good helping a student learn and grow.

2. Pet or House Sitting

 Did you know that you can make money by taking care of peoples’ adorable pets? It’s true!

With apps like Rover, you can connect with pet owners who need someone to watch or walk their animals. You’ll get exercise by going on walks, and you’ll line your pockets with extra cash!

If you’re not an animal lover, that’s okay. You can make money as a housesitter by watching clients’ homes when they’re away. I know it sounds a bit weird, but the app companies vet their customers to ensure that you’re safe and secure.

Usually, these jobs involve staying at the client’s house while they’re traveling and keeping a close eye on the property. The owners may also want you to get their mail and feed their pets while they’re away.

To find house sitting gigs, check out sites like MindMyHouse.com. You may have to pay a minimal yearly membership, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

If you end up pet and house sitting enough, your clients will refer you to their friends. Before you know it, you could have a nice little business going for yourself. Watch enough homes, and you’ll have a small fortune by the time you graduate!

3. Campus Security

If you want to work on your college campus, you should consider becoming a campus security guard. This type of job is convenient since you won’t have to travel very far to work. And some guards make around $15 an hour!

Not all schools allow students to work as security guards. But the ones that do are usually flexible with hours. They understand that you have a busy schedule, and are likely to work around your needs.

But, make sure that you are upfront about your schedule. It’s likely that once your hours are drawn up, you’ll be committed to them. After all, who’s going to protect the campus if you call in sick?

This is a great job option for students who are studying criminal justice and plan to become police officers after school. You can help keep your campus safe and make some money during your busy years in college. What a great way to earn some extra cash! 

4. Freelance Writing

If you plan to pursue a writing career after graduation, you can get your feet wet right now! There are many freelance writing opportunities on the web for you. Take advantage of them and put your skills to good use!

You can apply for freelance writing jobs through sites such as Upwork and Guru. These gigs allow you to work from home and on your own time.

They involve everything from copywriting and blogging to journalism and editorial work. Some people even hire folks to write cover letters, speeches, and Valentine’s Day poems for them!

Once you complete a few successful projects, your clients may refer you to others. If you have enough extra time, you could build up a decent workload for yourself!

Freelance writing is a great way to save up some money while you’re in school. You’ll have some extra cash for food and living expenses, and you may even be able to put some toward student loans.

5. Brand Ambassador

With social media taking off these days, many people are paid to promote brands and products. These individuals are known as brand ambassadors.

If you have a large social media following, it’s a lot easier to find this type of work. If you’re into fitness, for example, a food or supplement company might pay you to show off their products in your Instagram pictures.

But, you don’t necessarily have to have a big audience to get paid for promotion. For example, many rideshare drivers make money by giving out Uber referral codes and encouraging people to use their services.

If social media isn’t your thing, you can be an in-person brand ambassador. A lot of companies pay students to build brand awareness on their campuses.

You could get paid to throw parties and hand out things like beauty products, energy drinks, or snacks. And if your endorsement leads to sales, you could even get some big bonuses!

These are five ways to make extra money in college. If you’re looking for other opportunities, it’s your turn to think outside the box.

There are tons of other job ideas out there. Don’t give up, and keep hunting until you find a job that works well for you.

To figure out what you’d like to do, jot down some of your interests and what your current school schedule is. These factors will help you decide what type of side-hustle to choose.

Once you identify your goal and put your mind to it, nothing can stop you. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of extra money to sustain you through college.

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Caitlin Sinclair, Business Manager of Broadstone Oceanside, has been with Alliance Residential Company for over 5 years. She has extensive experience with a variety of properties, from large lease-ups to smaller, more urban assets.