5 BEST THINGS TO DO AT GLOBAL VILLAGE DUBAI: The global village celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 2020. It has hosted over 40,000 events, shows, and activities to date. Anyone who visits Dubai does not leave without visiting the Global Village.

The first thing that makes this place so attractive and worth the hype is the architecture. It has pavilions from various regions like the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, etc.; it has created buildings and structures that make you feel as if you have suddenly reached the same country.

Apart from this, the place is for everyone. So kids, adults, teens, families, couples, and groups; no one can get bored here.

It is a mystical hub of music, food, luxury, dance, and shopping, all under one roof. 

If visiting the Global Village is on your Dubai tour itinerary, we have a guide to help you make the most of your time there.

Dance and music

There is no end to the music and dance at the Global Village. As the name implies, it literally brings dance and cultural performances from hundreds of countries to its guests.

You will be mesmerized by the power-packed Bollywood performances of Indians and get lost in the graceful and mystical Basking.

Many renowned artists come to perform here every year. The Global Village hosts over 20,000 concerts, dance performances, musical shows, street performances, and other events for the enjoyment of its visitors. 

Many internationally famous celebrities also pay a visit to this magical place. 

The vibe and vigor of this place give an instant dopamine rush and make your heart and body groove.


The pavilions of various countries at the Global Village offer textiles, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

Be it the royal Iranian carpets or the comfy and graceful Khussa from India.

My mom could not leave the Pakistani textile vendor’s shop, which has the most beautiful fabrics for gowns and dresses. 

If Google is correct, there are more than 3500 vendors offering a feast of artifacts, textiles, and handicrafts. You can’t miss the magical fragrances and perfumes brought to you from the Gulf. These smell as if brought down from heaven just for you.

As a result, you can get your hands on items and pieces available nowhere else. The best part is that all these pieces are authentic and not copied in the name of ethnic delicacies.


Offering world cuisines from the most expert hands, you can relish the flavors from numerous countries, including China, India, Turkey, etc.

Try the Turkish specialty Borek, the Japanese mochi, or some famous Palestinian olives. 

The food pavilion is a foody’s paradise with the most delicious cuisines. Some of the popular picks from the food galore of Global Village are:

  •  delicious lassi, a drink made with yogurt from India.
  • Yemeni honey from the Yemen Pavilion
  • The kids’ favorite Turkish ice-cream vendors
  • The delicious lugaimat, the UAE’s most famous local dish,
  • Bosnian kebabs with the bread and sauce.

Entertainment and Games

Many tourists say they wish they were kids so that they could have come to the global village. Any child who visits this place will be mesmerized. They will make memories of a lifetime here.

This place is not just a paradise for kids but a dreamland. 

There are so many attractions for kids here. My favorite thing about the festival is the sixty-meter-high observation wheel that gives you a 360-degree view of the place. Then Miami Surf is another attraction. It is one of the best water park in Dubai and attraction where you can have a thrilling surfing experience.

When I was young, I remember actively visiting circus. However, I did not see any more of them after growing up. However, Global village has revived those memories too. 

They have an incredible circus with fun, games, acrobats, and the Russian wheel of death.

Before I move, how can I forget the Arabian horse carousel, which is every kid’s favorite place on the site?

Unique Attractions

The Global Village truly captures the essence of Dubai, an architectural marvel. It has some of the most beautiful attractions.

To begin with, it houses a number of dancing fountains. These fountains, coupled with lights and sounds, heighten the beauty of every part of the Global Village. 

Another attraction is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. It is the Middle East’s first and houses some of the strangest yet most interesting artifacts from its history. It tells the untold story, has a mind-boggling Mirror Maze, a 4-D theater, a Dark Gallery that will make you nervous, and much more.

Fantasy Land is another on the list. An amusement park lit with the most colorful and beautiful lights is the perfect place for families and kids. From trampolines to water rides, pedalos, Ferris wheels, and much more. You name it.


The best times to visit this place are either the morning or evening. Afternoons are hot and scorching. As a result, you will get tired and will not be able to enjoy.

It can be difficult for you to explore this place all at once. Therefore, create a guide and decide the places you want to explore.