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5 Best Cars in PUBG With Real-Life Inspirations


PUBG, short for player unknown’s battleground, is an extremely popular multiplayer real-time video game. Ever since the game was released, gaming enthusiasts are mad about PUBG. In a short period, it has managed to grab the attention of gamers and critics from all across the globe. PUBG comes with innumerable gameplay options and intrigues the player to stick to the session. If you have played PUBG, you would know that some vehicles are inspired by real-life ones. They are detailed and extremely realistic. Let’s go through some Suzy models below: 

Chevrolet Blazer

This is a popular car available on PUBG mobile. It’s a Miramar exclusive model! If you have ever played in Miramar, you are sure to have spotted this vehicle. This car is yet to be included in other maps. You can find an open-top model of the SUV in the game as well. This vehicle is spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people. Besides this car allows you to shoot your enemies if they follow you. This vehicle comes with superb design and color and has a top speed of 72 kmph. 

BMW R1100 GS

Do you know what is the bike name you often see in PUBG parked here and there? It’s a BMW R1100 GS. BMW launched this realistic model of motorcycle long back in 1993. It wasn’t fully manufactured until 1999. This model of motorbike comes with a partial oil cooling system, along with four valves per cylinder, that’s operated by a chain-driven camshaft. In the game, developers replaced the carburetors with fuel injectors. This bike can be spotted in maps like Miramar, Sanhok, and Erangel. You can pick up a speed of 152 kmph in the game but obviously cannot shoot even if you are a pillion rider. 

Chenowth (Buggy)

This vehicle, like the previous one, can accommodate two players. It’s mostly found in Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. The vehicle is extremely easy and fun to drive. It allows players to shoot while driving. Though the seating capacity is 2, sometimes 3 players can ride on it. Players can pick up the speed of 100 kmph. You must be wondering from which real-life model has this vehicle been designed. Well, do you know the Fast Attack Vehicle developed by Chenowth Racing Products? The Chenowth Buggy is a replica of that model. 


This is an amphibious patrol car mostly used by the Russian army. You are sure to spot these vehicles in movies. Besides Russia, this model was imported by 38 other nations. It’s primarily used for defense purposes. Developers of PUBG have recently included this vehicle in the latest update of the game. Players who have updated their game can now access this vehicle. It is available in the “ playboard”  gaming mode. In this mode, enemies can launch rocket launchers. That’s where the importance of DRDM lies. It protects the players sitting inside the vehicle. The game can accommodate up to 4 players, the driver, a co-driver, a gunner, and a commander. This vehicle also doesn’t allow players to shoot while the vehicle is in motion. 

Dacia 1300

Dacia, a Romanian automaker developed Dacia 1300 during the times of the cold war back in 1969. Wondering what 1300 in the vehicle’s name refers to? That’s the engine capacity of the family Sedan. This car is popular even in recent times. Considering its popularity even to date, developers considered incorporating it into the game. The car can gain speed up to 139 kmph. The car’s built is sturdy and it looks magnificent. But, its engine isn’t powerful enough to ride over steep slopes. The car even tends to roll over while taking a turn at high speeds. Overall, this sedan model is good. It delivers what it’s built for. If you prefer to drive slow and steady, it’s good but then you definitely wouldn’t like to miss your chicken dinner!

These are some of the best vehicles that PUBG offers. Developers have taken their ideas from real-life vehicles. You can choose any game of your choice and use them to reach the safe zones as soon as possible. Because of these vehicles, players don’t have to run around. Besides using the vehicles, go through various PUBG cheats to understand how to win the game faster and climb up the in-game tiers.