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10 Useful And Universal Rules for Resume Writing


10 Useful And Universal Rules for Resume Writing: Hiring managers are lack the time to spend on a cluttered resume. The winning resumes are those that provide the required information in the shortest time. Searching for high-paying resume writing job? Sharpen your writing skills and the jobs will begin to flow ceaselessly. 

10 Useful And Universal Rules for Resume Writing


A resume accompanies your application CV to plead your case in the eyes of the vetting panel. Since the job market is extremely competitive today, your resume must stand out. Here are simple rules that will help you win the attention of the vetting panel and therefore stand a better chance of getting hired. 

  • One Page Is Enough

Keep the resume as short as possible. The reader should not have to flip to the other page. A short resume allows the reader to scan through the paper and extract the information required in the shortest time. Few jobs will require you to justify your qualifications so much that you write a resume that is several pages. 

  • Leave The Pictures Out

A resume is supposed to be made of simple text. The details captured in the text help the vetting panel to know the kind of person he or she is hiring. Instead of including pictures, it is advisable to highlight sections of the CV that that will make you a more competitive candidate. 

Some employers insist on the inclusion of photos during application because the job is image-sensitive. Choose an official image that suits the profile of the position you are applying for and your personality. Use a recent image so that you are recognizable during interviews. 

  • Skills And Strength Come First

Resume writing experts indicate that your strength and skills should appear first. The resume is meant to market your ability to occupy a particular position. The employer should look at your skills and capabilities and see a solution to his or her HR needs. Use a format that highlights and markets your skills. These skills will capture the attention of an employer or the panel faster than any other element on the resume. 

  • Use Consistent Formatting

A resume remains a formal document. Formal writing demands consistent formatting whereby the font type, font size, spacing, bullets, numbering, and font color, among other writing elements are consistent. Inconsistent formatting becomes confusing to the vetting panel and may disadvantage your application. 

  • Highlight Sections To Make It Easy To Read

Use headings, numbering, and bullets to make the resume easy to scan. The vetting panel does not always read all resumes because of time. The short-listing process involves scanning through the documents and picking out candidates for interviews. Only the resumes that capture their attention will be considered. By highlighting crucial information, you increase the chances of your resume being picked. 

  • Qualify All Assertions Made

Generic statements are a turn-off to the recruiting panel. Justify all the assertions and claims you make regarding your past work experiences and qualification. If you grew profits or client base for a company, indicate the percentage, for example. Such qualifying makes it easier to understand your potential and the kind of worker you will be to the organization. 

  • Drop The Names As Where Possible

Names, figures, and accomplishments are valuable during recruitment. If you have worked for an industry giant, include the name in your resume. It helps the panel to identify the caliber of a person it is dealing with. Names of past positions, employers, accomplishments, and awards, among others, will increase your chances of being hired. 

  • Key Words Will Capture Attention 

Draft your resume with the advert in mind. The advert always indicates the kind of person an employer is looking needs to fill a position. Notice the level of experience, qualification, previous position, and skills that the employer needs. Repeat these words in your resume so that they can capture the attention of the recruiter. 

  • Not Everything You Have Ever Done Is Important

The temptation to justify your competence causes a lot of people to include unnecessary information in a resume. Trim the resume to only capture information that is relevant to the position advertised. A fluffy resume hides crucial information, causing the vetting panel to skip your application. Provide all information relevantly but do not be too wordy. 

  • Make It Unique 

Make your resume as unique as possible. The internet and other platforms have standardized formats, but these templates will cause your resume to appear generic. Show creativity that captures the attention of any reader. However, do not overdo the creativity but instead, let it show your character as an employee. Win the hearts of the vetting panel and employer with your uniqueness. 

Get help writing a winning resume to improve your chances of getting hired. Engage professional resume writers and consult experts with experience in HR. Only a professionally written resume will safeguard your chances of getting an interview.