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Kingdom hearts 3 gummi ship guide : Purple Crystals, Constellations, Combat, Upgrades, and More in ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Gummi Ship Guide

A Gummi Ship is used to travel between worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. This little food-based craft can fly across space, navigating a (largely) open planet with relative ease.

You can spend hours hunting for stars, fighting in Gradius-inspired fights, or simply exploring space.

Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ship guide

Controls for the Gummi Ship- You’ll start your voyage with a level one red Gummi Ship that can carry you to your first worlds.

The bumper buttons (LB/RB on Xbox and L1/R1 on PS4) are used to go forward, and the B/O button is used to boost up to three times. You’ll be able to personalise your ship with more Gummi Blocks, guns, and bonuses as you upgrade it.

When you reach level 12, you’ll have access to a special ability that you can activate by hitting the Y/ button. These abilities can be used to summon Huey, Dewey, and Louie decoys, restore your ship, or fire a massive wave of gunfire.

As your level rises, you’ll be able to unlock microscopic Gummi Ships that will orbit your personal vessel in the Ocean Between. You’ll need these ships to survive as the maps get crazier and wilder.

Customizing of Gummi Ships- You can create your own ship, but the customization tool is severely insufficient.

The left or right stick is used to rotate custom parts, while the d-pad is used to slide them into place. It’s inconvenient. There are blueprints for ships at the Gummi Shop if you’d rather not use this inconvenient system.

To utilise it, you’ll need the Gummi Blocks and weaponry included in the blueprint, as well as enough power to outfit all of the blocks. You may be able to purchase a level four blueprint, but if you haven’t been completing Gummi ships, you will most likely be unable to equip them.

Explained: Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Space (Ocean Between)

The Gummi Ship has always existed in Kingdom Hearts, but this is the first time it can go into open space.

Nebula Lines– These transparent funnels can be seen all throughout the Ocean Between. Jumping into one, like Crush in Finding Nemo, will propel you through the abyss.

You’ll have to wait till it spits you out to go in a different direction once you’ve entered one.

Purple Crystals- You’ll come across these purple crystals that exude energy all over the Ocean Between. They may be popped with enough damage, allowing you access to the treasures and objects contained therein.

To take down these flying crystals, you’ll need to be a specific level, so if you shoot them for a long time (like 30 seconds) and they still don’t break, you’ll need to level up.

Constellations- While travelling, look for Disney character constellations in the sky that you can photograph to gain things back at your base. Here’s a video that shows where they are.

Combat- There are adversaries floating around, and if you come too close, they will attack you. These battles are straightforward: a big swarm of foes attacks you until you fulfil the objective.

Either kill a certain amount of foes or wait for the timer to expire. The letter grade you receive for the event is determined on how much damage you provide and take, as well as how many goods you receive as a prize.

Some fights are unavoidable, particularly when visiting new worlds. Just aim for the flashy, glowing aspect of these bosses because they always have weak points that can be exploited.

Treasure Spheres- These golden orbs with routes engraved into them are strewn about space. Shooting the sphere activates it and launches a minigame in the style of a flow/connection.

Find the gears and shoot them until they illuminate and the link between them is restored. The sphere will unlock and you’ll gain access to some pretty good stuff if you complete the circuit. If you come across one while travelling, try to unlock it.

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