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How to Pick the Right Exercise Bike


How to Pick the Right Exercise Bike: More than 45 million people in the United States enjoy riding bicycles, and that number has been steadily climbing for years. Many riders say it’s a freeing experience that allows them to take advantage of being outdoors. It’s a great form of exercise as well, known for burning fat and calories while improving endurance and muscle tone. Of course, not everyone has the time to venture outside the house for bike rides, and many people don’t have the option of biking to work. For those individuals, an exercise bike is the better option.

Looking at Different Types of Exercise Bikes

While millions of people have considered purchasing an exercise bike, choosing one isn’t exactly easy. Several years ago, analog models using leg power alone were the only ones available. That’s no longer the case. Numerous options are now available. Digital models with a range of features and programmable features are available. Even smart models have been invented that allow optimal flexibility and interactivity. Consider the following factors to help you find an exercise bike to meet your needs and expectations.


Not all traditional bicycles are a good fit for everyone, and the same is true of exercise bikes. Be sure to choose one that allows you to make adjustments as needed. That includes seat position and height, handlebar positioning, and other aspects. Some are certainly more adjustable than others. While minimal adjustment options may be fine for some people, if you’re taller or shorter than average, that lack of flexibility could be a problem. Look for a bike that offers the level of customization you need to be able to ride it comfortably, safely, and effectively.


Pedaling is another factor to consider. As you may have already learned, some bikes pedal more smoothly and easily than others. That’s largely a result of their flywheel weight and other internal components. Heavier flywheels tend to provide smoother pedaling, which will make workouts easier on your joints. Smooth pedaling also fosters workout effectiveness and makes the ride more enjoyable. While flywheel weight is a major factor here, the quality and build of the bike also makes a difference.

Motivational Resources

Motivational resources are another element to think about. If you’re naturally driven, you may not need extra motivation to encourage you to ride regularly and stick with an exercise routine. And If you face any issue with your bike then you can read these bike users manuals and fix your problem. Most people benefit from those outside resources, though. Some modern exercise bikes come with touch screens, accessible online classes, and many other features that can encourage people to continue riding and reaching new goals. That helps users maximize the benefits of exercise bikes

Ease of Use

It’s also important to consider ease of use when choosing an exercise bike. Some are incredibly difficult to set up and adjust. Learning to use all their available features can be a trying experience as well. Others offer simplicity, in-depth instructions, and other resources to facilitate the process. If a bike is too difficult to set up and use, you’re probably not going to use it enough to benefit from it, so simplicity may be essential.

Finding Your Perfect Exercise Bike

Any number of exercise bikes are on the market these days. Though simple, inexpensive analog models are still available, they’re certainly not the only options. You can choose a mid-priced model with several features or a high-end smart bike that provides coaching, easy adjustment, and an array of additional bonuses. Consider how often you’ll be using the bike, your level of personal motivation, and your current level of fitness to help you find the perfect bike.