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Your guide to inside bets in Roulette


Inside bets in Roulette

Whether you’ve dabbled in a game or two of Roulette before, consider yourself a bit of a Roulette connoisseur, or you’re a complete newbie to the inside bets in roulette – we wanted to explore Roulette a little further and look into inside bets.

We’ll take you through what they are, how you place them and the betting odds attached to them.

We wanted to do this, to help you feel more like a pro the next time you log online and play casino games for UK players at Griffon Casino, for example, rather than wondering if you’re placing down a bet correctly or not.

Are you ready to dive into the inside bets world and see if you discover your new favourite bet to place? Scroll to read on.

What is an inside bet?

An inside bet is a bet type that contains various bets under its umbrella. Essentially, an inside bet is determined by the position it’s placed on a Roulette table.

When looking at a Roulette table layout, whether you’re playing in person or virtually, you’ll notice the layout is split into a numbered section from 0 to 36, and boxes around this numbered section with words and numbers such as ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘1-18’, and so on.

Inside bets are placed inside the numbered section of the table layout and also have a larger betting odd than what outside bets do.

Inside bets and how to place them

Now you know where to place an inside bet, it’s time to see what bets fall under the inside bet category, how to place them and what the betting odd attached to them is.

Straight bet

A straight bet is what’s technically known when a player places a wager on a single number. When placing a straight bet, you need to make sure you place your chip(s) in the centre of the numbered box and that it isn’t touching any box border.

The betting odds for a straight bet are 35:1.

Split bet

A split bet requires placing a bet on two numbers with the same wager. However, these numbers need to be next to each other, either to the side or above or below. When placing a split bet, you need to place your betting chip(s) on the border line between the two numbers you want to place a split bet on.

The betting odds for a split bet are 17:1.

Square/Corner bet

A square bet, also known as a corner bet, is a bet that wagers on four numbers at a time. To place a square bet, you need to place your betting chip(s) in the corner border where all four numbers meet on the layout. For example, you would need to place a chip on the cross where numbers 17, 18, 20 and 21 meet, to place a square bet.

The betting odds for a square or corner bet are 8:1.

Now you know just some of the many inside bets you can place when playing a game of Roulette, will you be placing an inside bet on your next visit to the iconic wheel and table?

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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