Application essays in college. It is something that disturbs students in high school. Suppose you are that student who has finished the earlier years of high school. It will also definitely appear in your future. Martin and Thomas do podcasts about how one can get on campus. I could write an essay about the same topic. One that is unique and stands out.

Writing college application essays

Worry not, I have been in that place before. And I have learned a lot throughout those years of my study. With our friends from we are going to find out what makes a good essay.

Why do college essays matter?

When you are juggling forms, transcripts, and dates, it is simple to ignore application essays. One may think it is just an ordinary application.

Essays are not the only ones that matter in colleges. Great essays compensate for college grades. Bad essays give you low marks. 

Writing an application essay is the only stage where you can display your writing skills to the college. Other parts of the application and just statistics. Courses, GPA, volunteer experiences. These things matter, but they do not make one special.

Note these qualities if you want to join a competitive school. Students will apply with high GPAs, lists of advanced classes, and so on.

How to select an essay topic?

It is hard to write articles that cover all possible essays. In America, the kind of questions varies in various schools. Some things cut across. For example, the following are the questions that cut across.

  • Most students have identities, background interests. These believe that they cannot write an application without these qualities.
  • Failures help us to understand how to be successful in the future. Remember the time you failed? How did it impact you? And what lessons did you get?
  • Remember the times when you decided to challenge some beliefs or ideas. What have you the zeal to act? Would you do the same thing?
  • Describe the problems you solved.
  • Discuss what you have accomplished.

As you have seen, these questions are open-ended. Choose topics that will allow you to display your strengths.

Colleges do not want to know the topics that you answer. But they consider the way you answer the questions. 

What are you not supposed to write?

Now when we talk about common statements. Do not write obvious statements. There are various methods in which someone can use to write successful essays. That is if you maintain your approach. And it is interesting. The most exciting way in which someone can avoid writing boring is by writing something interesting.

Here are some ways that someone can write interesting things.

  • The moment you grew up as a human.
  • How you connected to your girlfriend.

Your essays’ success depends on how you write down your points nit what you have in your paper.

What should one write in their essay?

Now that we have known what not to write in an article, we also need to understand what to write in an article. It is much better to start by brainstorming. Do free-writing for every topic that you write.

Freewriting is just writing anything that crosses your mind. Get a piece of paper and set the timer to about ten minutes, and write down anything.


At least you have the confidence to start writing an essay. It may look hard to write, but you will write excellent application essays when you follow the right procedures.


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