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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wire Stripping



Every job, be it mechanical, electrical, plumbing, painting or masonry, comes with a set of tools suited for it. One of the most commonly used tools in electrical work is wire strippers. Wire strippers are used to strip the protective sheath of a wire to make connections on other wires, terminals, outlet receptacles, etc.

Wire stripping may seem to be a simple job but there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to it. Let us take a look.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wire Stripping

Don’t use the wrong tool

Wire strippers are manufactured for a reason. So, never use anything other than a stripper to perform the task. A knife, a blade or scissors may be a cheap and easily available alternative, but it is better to invest in a wire stripper, rather than damaging your wires.

And never use your teeth to strip a wire. 

Do buy a wire stripper

There are different types of wire strippers, ranging from automatic to adjustable, to gauged and self-adjusting wire strippers available in the market. So, buy your wire stripper depending on the job at hand. For a beginner or DIY enthusiast, the best option is a self-adjusting automatic wire stripper. 

Don’t use the same tool for every job

A wire stripper may look like a tool that can be used for many other jobs. However, never use your wire stripper for other odd jobs as it could do more damage than good. 

Do make sure you have the right technique to suit your wire

Always use the correct technique to strip your wire. A utility knife is sufficient enough to cut electrical cords and plastic-sheathed cables, while a wire stripper is necessary to remove the insulation. On the other hand, for very thin wires, to avoid nicking the wire, the best choice would be a gauged stranded wire stripper. For an underground cable, you can use a knife to strip the sheathing. 

Don’t work with live wires

Be extremely careful if you are working around live wires. You should never use your wire stripper on a live wire, and to make certain there is no electric current flow in your wires, test before you work. 

Do use a voltage detector

To make sure that you have shut electricity off, use a voltage detector that will help you detect electricity. 

Don’t use a wire if you’ve damaged it

While using a wire stripper, there are chances of your wires getting damaged. Never use a wire if it’s damaged because it can cause electrical issues in future. 

Do start again if you need to

If, by any chance, you do nick a wire, then cut off the damaged part and start the stripping process again. 

Don’t buy a cheap brand

Wires are like the central nervous system of any electrical system and wire stripping needs a lot of attention and precision. So never go for a cheap wire stripper brand. 

Do buy from a reputable supplier

With a number of wire stripper brands available in the market, make sure you buy one of the best ones suited for your business. 


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