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Who Is Dana Lee Burgio?



dana lee burgio

Dana Lee Burgio, the ex-wife of Scott Corridor (aged 63), has vanished from the spotlight following her separation from Scott.

Dana Lee Burgio is best known as the former spouse of wrestler Scott Oliver Corridor.

Scott, best known for his time with the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling as Razor Ramon, has already retired.

Razor Ramon, Dana’s then-lover, is also featured. Corridor, a former wrestler for both WWF and WCW, was inducted into the WWE Corridor of Fame in 2014.

Dana Lee has gained national notoriety due to Scott Corridor’s heart attacks and decision to discontinue life support.

Dana Lee Burgio Children: What Happened To Her Ex-Husband Scott Corridor’s Wife?

According to The Solar, Dana Lee Burgio and her former husband Scott Corridor have two children named Cody and Cassidy.

Scott, an expert wrestler, was her first husband whom she married in 1990.

Unfortunately, after eight years of marriage the couple divorced in 1998; however, during that time they produced two wonderful children: Cody Taylor Corridor (1991) and Cassidy born March 27, 1995.

Dana and Scott remarried in 1999 after a year apart, leading many to assume they would be together forever.

But after only two years of marriage, much to everyone’s surprise, they divorced in 2001 – much to everyone’s disbelief.

Dana Lee Burgio Wikipedia

Wikipedia notes Dana Lee Burgio’s title due to her relationship with Scott Corridor, a two-time world champion.

Dana and Corridor’s relationship ended due to Corridor’s drug dependency, according to his Wikipedia page.

According to Corridor’s first ex-wife, she encouraged him to get divorced due to his extensive involvement in medication and immoral behaviour.

Burgio’s Networth

Online platforms only reveal Scott Corridor’s ex-partner and father of her children’s earnings.

According to several web pages, her net worth is believed to be $3 million.

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