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Who Is Braylon Howard?


Braylon Howard

Braylon Howard is a SIMA Aguilas junior soccer team member and the son of Royce Reed and Dwight Howard. Discover more about him below.

Braylon Howard was born and raised in America, making him a naturalized citizen of that country.

However, his ethnicity is African so he does not hold American nationality; therefore he can proudly identify himself as African by heritage.

He’s an exceptionally gifted and younger adolescent who already enjoys a large fanbase.

Who Is Braylon Howard?

Braylon Howard is the son of actress Royce Reed and professional basketball player Dwight Howard, from their relationship.

He was born in 2007 and is 14 years old, though the exact date and month of his birth remain unknown.

At present, he’s enrolled in Montverde Academy located in Montverde, Florida.

According to reports, he’s a junior soccer player from America. He plays for SIMA Aguilas junior soccer club in Montverde and is described as an aggressive striker who attacks from the front.

Due to his fame and potential audience for his artwork, he already enjoys a large following.

Braylon Howard on Instagram

He boasts approximately 6,000 followers and 154 posts on his Twitter account.

His account, however, appears to be entirely private and was created solely for use by his family and close friends.

It is impossible to accurately gauge how frequently he updates his social media platforms, since all posts are private.

Does Dwight Howard Still Owing Money In a Child Abuse Case?
Howard, Braylon Howard’s mom, was sued by Royce Reed who alleged that Howard had strangled their youngster with a belt.

According to a guide for the Florida Division of Kids and Households, an investigation was concluded in November with no confirmed complaints of bodily harm.

According to a TMZ post, the physician who examined Braylon’s injuries noted they had been caused by his father repeatedly beating him with a belt.

On Monday, Mark Berman of KRIV-TV FOX 26 in Houston reported that police would not conduct any additional inquiries into the eight-time All-Star. This comes nearly five months after his case was reopened.

According to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, Howard filed a motion in November seeking sole custody for Braylon; this matter remains pending before the courts.

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