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What is the Difference Between Top-Mounted and Bottom-Mounted Refrigerators?



Buying commercial refrigerators can take a lot of work, especially considering the many options available. When talking about top-mounted or bottom-mounted refrigerators, this refers to where the compressor is mounted on the fridge. This article will examine each option’s pros and cons to get the right commercial refrigerator. You will also see the best rate top-mounted refrigerator to help you choose the perfect refrigerator.

Top-Mounted Refrigerators

Having a top-mounted commercial refrigerator is the best choice for commercial settings where the areas around the floor become easily dusty, or there’s a place where items can be spilled on the floor. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • The condenser fan won’t pull in debris or dust, which can clog the coils.
  • More efficient since the heat doesn’t rise into the commercial cooler.
  • The condenser and compressor at the top of the refrigerator mean that the refrigerant lines aren’t built into the back of the fridge, making repairs easier due to better accessibility.
  • The compressor at the top means more space within the fridge, and things are easier to reach since there are lower shelves.


  • This isn’t as great in the cooking line areas of the kitchens, as the grease in the air can get sucked into the compressor fan and clog up the coils.
  • If in the warmest areas of the kitchen, the heat will rise and make the top-mounted refrigerator less efficient.
  • It’s hard to clean the compressor since it’s often too high for people to reach independently.

Bottom-Mounted Refrigerators

The bottom-mounted refrigerator is better suited in the hot areas of the kitchen, including the cooking line. Some pros and cons to consider include the following:


  • Since the condenser is at the bottom, where the temperature in the space is cooler, it can operate efficiently at cooler temperatures than top-mounted refrigerators.
  • Cleaning and servicing the compressor and condenser is easier since it’s at the bottom of the fridge.


  • Dust and debris from the floor can be sucked in by the fans, clogging the coils.
  • Heat can rise into the fridge, making it potentially less efficient.
  • More expensive due to the nature of where the condenser is located.

Best Top-Mounted Refrigerator

The Everest Top Mounted Reach-In Refrigerator is one of the best options today. This top-mounted refrigerator is a versatile option that can be used as a combination freezer and refrigerator. There are dual temperature options that allow you to use either full drawer or half-drawer options to be used for a variety of different purposes.


Top-mounted and bottom-mounted refrigerators each serve a purpose that you can benefit from. Choosing the right one for your specific needs can significantly impact your business. Of all the options you have to consider, the most important options include choosing between a top-mounted and bottom-mounted refrigerator.

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