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What Is FaxBridge and Why Do You Need It?



The world of communication is constantly changing. Many companies find that newer, innovative services reduce overall costs and make production more efficient. One way to streamline business operations is by eliminating the use of a designated phone line for the fax machine. An internet-enabled fax system doesn’t require an analogue phone to send and receive faxes and achieves maximum productivity with fewer expenses and less effort.

To eliminate a dedicated fax line, a company needs to install an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) to handle the job by connecting directly to an internet service. The ATA allows a business to transition from analogue to digital with the least amount of effort. Essentially, the adapter becomes the bridge that completes the connection without the need for a physical phone and is known as a fax bridge.


Consider Using a Fax Bridge

When a company is interested in FaxBridge services, several items offer a persuasive argument for switching. Some of the pros worth mentioning are lower operating costs, easy setup, minimal paper usage, and increased security.

Setting the system up is easy. For a fax bridge to operate, it assigns a business’s traditional fax machine an IP address. Just plug the adapter in, follow the simple setup directions, and begin faxing. Without the need for POTS (plain old telephone system), a fax is sent directly to a recipient’s email address and stored on the cloud for later use. Eliminating the need for a paper copy means fax transmissions are more secure, and the risk of a cyberattack is reduced. Extra security is a plus, especially when sending confidential and sensitive files.

Choosing the Best Fax System for a Business 

Each business is unique when it comes to choosing a fax system. Sending a fax directly to or from an email account makes a fax bridge a popular choice for many offices and large corporations. Eliminating telephone hardware and consolidating fax, voice, and data communications provide a higher level of security while reducing overall operating costs at the same time. A power source and an internet connection are the only requirements to send a fax through a fax bridge.

Sending documents via fax is vital for many industries, such as health care, financial services, transportation, real estate, and legal services. Most businesses employ one of three types of fax services: virtual services through email or API (Application Programming Interface), real-time T.38 for high volume usage, or walk-up faxing that uses a physical machine. Deciding which fax service to use depends on the type of business operation and the volume of fax usage the business requires daily. When adding a faxbridge to any of these services, the effect is a more streamlined operation.

Newer Technology Is More Productive and Cost-Effective

Older fax machines are often part of an all-in-one printer which puts a fax transmission at a higher risk of a cyberattack. Traditional fax systems also rely on a designated phone line, which can get quite costly over time. A fax bridge eliminates the need for a stand-alone phone line. It also reduces the possibility of a cyberattack by providing a more secure method for transmitting files and documents.

A faxbridge is faster, more efficient, and saves money when compared to using a traditional fax machine. Switching from analogue to digital isn’t hard, and the rewards for doing so are easy to see.

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