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Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers 


Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers: The best platform to market businesses and products using videos is still YouTube. According to statistics, each person spends at least 40 minutes every day watching YouTube videos compared to the 35 minutes they spend on Facebook daily. However, YouTube is also a very competitive platform – you need to get above the noise in order to be noticed.    

Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Here are some proven techniques and tips on how to increase YouTube subscribers

Ask people to subscribe

The easiest way to increase your YouTube channel subscribers is to ask people to subscribe. For example, you could create a call to action at the beginning and end of your video, inviting viewers to click the ”Subscribe” button if they liked your video. For example, one channel asks it’s viewers to help them reach 100k subscribers. People love helping other people reach their goals because it makes them feel good about themselves. 

Use annotations

Annotations are those clickable sticky notes found on YouTube videos. They might look a bit of a cliché already, but if you place them strategically in your videos and create a compelling call to action, it can help you grow your subscribers. For example, you can add ”Subscribe below to get the latest videos” inside the annotation.   

Add a YouTube widget to your blog

If you have a blog that is already getting a fair amount of traffic, you can leverage it by installing a YouTube widget. With just a click, your visitors will be able to subscribe to your YouTube channel automatically. Place your social media widgets at the top-side of your page, where they can be easily seen, which will probably increase the number of clicks you’ll get. 

Interact with your subscribers

No matter which type of marketing strategies you are using – YouTube, email, pay-per-click (PPC), or paid advertising platforms like Click2sell.co and Outbrain – consistently interacting and engaging with your subscribers will reap high returns. When you talk to people, they start to like you, and that like gradually develops to trust.            

Aside from talking to your subscribers, you also need to interact with other content creators (in your niche) within the YouTube community. Start liking their videos or leave comments. When they notice that, they’ll probably also like you in return and subscribe to your channel. 

Share your goals

As mentioned earlier, it is an innate human nature to help each other because of the warm feeling it creates. The knowledge that we helped someone achieve their dreams gives us a sense of satisfaction as well. The same goes true with YouTube – when you post your goal or dream, many people will support you and even cheer you up, if necessary. For example, you say that you are trying to lose100lbs. Many will probably start following your channel and see how you are doing. Put, people love success stories that inspire them.

In conclusion

YouTube is still one of the most powerful and effective social platforms to market your products, services, or business. Follow the techniques suggested above and watch how your subscribers grow from zero to hero. Just take action!

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