Video Translate Apps: Remote working is now, more than ever, the most wanted job requirement in the world. With the current global status, people are looking for job opportunities remotely that can pay the bills. One of these opportunities is working as a translator using a video translate app

Being a translator is a career that’s known to be used by freelancers throughout history. However, it might not be widespread due to its limited need. Translation as a profession was popular back in the day way before the internet allowed people to sell their expertise online.

How to Make Money Now by Using Video Translate Apps?

However, the internet has helped tremendously as freelancers were able to sell their translation services to the world. From Video translation, blog translation to script translation, the services encompass all types of translations. 

The common demand for online translation was due to the increase of online platforms. It enabled freelance translators to advertise their talent easily. Companies on the other hand were able to hire the perfect translator based on their requirements online without the need to conduct interviews. The reason is that freelance translators usually display all necessary information as well as previous projects they have worked on. 

One of the many translation services available online is video translation. Companies are now aware that video marketing is important for a solid content marketing campaign. However, if you base your video marketing campaign to attract potential customers with your own native language, you may not receive the desired traffic. All your investment in the video campaign will go to waste. 

Video by nature is consumed by most people. If you check the recent statistics on the average number of marketers that use video in their marketing strategy, you will notice how high the percentages are. A recent survey conducted by Wyzowl in 2020 reveals that 92% of marketers use videos to engage people. 

Therefore having a video translated to different languages to accommodate different target groups can actually boost your conversion by double or even triple the number. This way you can set your business locally and internationally. Now the question that comes to mind is how to transform existing footage for a global audience?

Well, if you’re a translator you might have acquired more than two languages. You might think that you can easily transform an existing video from English for Example to the Arabic language. However, the process is not easy and requires incredible mastery of both languages. It also requires background knowledge on both cultures ( to avoid any misinformation) and an incredible amount of time. 

This is where Artificial intelligence comes in handy. Software companies and tech industries in the early 90s realized the importance of translation in order to excel internationally.  They were looking for ways to increase translation productivity while also preserving their consistent linguistic data. They developed computer-assisted translation techniques which knew a shift in modern translation.

In recent years, tech companies have been working on making this technique more accurate and provide professional and good quality translation results. They have developed automated video translation software that can translate any type of video in seconds. 

Perks of working as a Translator using Video translate Apps

Impressive Salary

Translators are paid based on the project and not per hour, unlike most jobs. Regular translation methods are sometimes time-consuming as they require further research on the topic and vocabulary. Manual video translation demands preparation work before starting the actual translation process.  From transcribing the original script, preparing the target language translation to add translated transcription back to the video, they have to do it all.  

Therefore, the price may not be as encouraging seeing how translators take so much time to finish a single project even if the payment is done based on word count. However, when using a video translate app, you can get the job done in less than 10 minutes at maximum extent ( if the video is lengthy). You can then take on as many projects as you want which allow you to profit more.

Another aspect is that payment may differ based on the languages you offer. In-demand languages in the translation market will allow you to charge high for your services. Spanish and German are the highest-paid languages. If you don’t require these particular languages, no need to worry! Most video translate apps support many languages and provide accurate results. You will be able to translate videos with any language you want.

Video Translation: Most Relevant Job ever!

The world is now more digitized and connected due to various factors. More businesses across the world are working together and they have embarked on making their brand international. Therefore, many businesses will be in need of a translator that can transform their work to accommodate their business counterparts from another country.

Video translate app in this case comes in handy as you can work with various businesses across the world without having to worry about mastering so many languages. 

Your chances of work will multiply as this is the perfect time to actually work as a freelance translator. Since the pandemic hit, businesses have switched to video marketing and using it as an advertisement tool to sell their products online. In order for those videos to reach out to many potential customers, businesses are seeking to hire translators who can work on translating videos to many languages. 

In case you invest in a video translate app, you can actually work on translating these videos to multiple languages instead of businesses hiring multiple translators for a single language. The translation is reliable and everlasting, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of work. 

Choose Your Environment

Video translators with Video translate apps have the freedom to choose to work in any space since most companies are in need of translation services. You can choose to be part of an agency if you prefer to work in a structural mechanism and work on various projects with different directions. In case you prefer to deal with a specific subject, you can be an in-house video translator which will allow you to work on a company’s specific brand and be part of its marketing team. 

One of the most common chosen methods is to be a freelance translator. This is by far the most rewarding choice as you get to establish yourself and make your own video translation brand. However, to be able to receive important projects, you need to take on many challenges and set your qualifications and requirements. 

Learn as you Work

Translating videos can be a learning project on two spectrums. Most translators have an academic background translating literary works. They probably never took the challenge to translate a video format project. There’s also the fact that the original video is most likely part of different specialization and general interest. Therefore, you will need to check what the field of interest is about and then use a Video translate app to come up with a fitting translation.

Few modifications may be needed in this case as some words often have multiple meanings. You can research the context to better use proper vocabulary. By the time you work on multiple projects of different sectors, you will be requested by most companies as they will see the results in your qualification. 

Expand your network

Translators who acquire more than 2 languages have high chances of meeting people of all walks of life. You have the opportunity to take a look at different company’s approaches to advertising their products, or how marketers use video to attract customers. You will also learn important lessons by working with different people, not just in the business world. By reviewing and working with people, you expand your perspective and build strong connections with customers. 

There is also an opportunity to advise your customers on certain aspects you have learned throughout the years of working on different projects. You can advise them as an author, or as a marketing agent and provide them with efficient solutions you have learned while working for various videos for marketing companies. The possibilities are endless!

To back up your work as a translator, you can also take on different internships and online courses to further validate your capacities. 

This job can also help you keep up on track with different companies. Business owners are interested in translators that will do the job right and in a significant time span. So if you excel in your work, you will definitely get asked by these companies to do more work for many years ahead!

Job Opportunities using Video translate Apps

After having a brief idea of how video translation using a video translate app can be a successful career for beginners, we have also compiled some of the best platforms that can connect you with potential businesses. 

However, let us first check one of the most talked about translation offers in the last 10 years and that is the Netflix Hermes test for subtitling. 

In 2017, Netflix sparked huge feedback when they announced they were recruiting translators to work on subtitles. Since Netflix is home to millions and millions of series and movies, some were eager to apply for the job simply to have the privilege of watching movies and getting paid as well. Jokes aside, the process to be admitted by Netflix is complicated.

What started this job opportunity were non-English Netflix customers who filed a complaint that the quality of subtitles in their native language was inadequate. Some even don’t have the luxury of watching movies in their own native language as it was not supported. One year later, Netflix has shut down the program as it knew a huge influx in replies from applicants all over the world. They reached a peak for each one of the language tests. 

There might be another opportunity for Netflix in the future so it’s good to stay up to date with the platform. 

Based on this real case study, you get to understand how translation jobs are needed across the globe and from companies you wouldn’t expect it. You can use the following platforms to look for the best opportunity that could make use of Video translate apps. 


Tomedes give freelance translators an outlet to source job opportunities. It actually covers more than 90 language pairings. They have services to match translators’ qualifications with clients’ needs and requirements in order to ensure the best customer-client relationship possible. 

Both clients and translators have platforms where they can look for prime results. The platform provides translators with a plethora of translation jobs monitored by managers who review the whole process. 


Being one of the first pioneers dedicated to building relationships between clients and translators, ProZ claims it has the largest translation community possible. They outsource both translation and interpretation work. Since they have many subscribers, the competition may be tougher, but that shouldn’t hinder you from browsing their offers. On the contrary, competition can help you land the perfect project if your qualifications are adequate.


Upwork offers all sorts of freelance services. They do always provide offers for translation and interpretation. If you put the keyword “ translation” in the search you can get around 5335 job listings available. 

The platform is easy to use for new freelancers, and the payment is also smooth. They have a feature called Time Tracker which means your payment is guaranteed, even if your client does not send payment. However, one of the drawbacks is that Upwork takes around 20% of workers’ fees for new jobs. There are also possibilities of scam features with real offers. 

The platform is great to check the credibility of translators. Once you take on many projects, your clients can write their feedback to help you rank higher and expose your competence. 


Possibly the most popular online freelancer platform in the market. The scope is wider compared to other freelance platforms and translation services are among the most popular searches. Translators, as well as clients, need to register to the site. The platform also has a payment process built-in.

One of the perks of using Fiverr is that it has a lower competition rate than most sites. Other translator competitors announce their services for rational prices which will help you add your rates as well, as opposed to competitors with low rates which can eventually lower your chances of getting any projects. 

Since the platform is reputable, it may take some time for you to build up a modest profile score. However, this can be seen as an advantage as once you reach a perfect score, you will notice the influx of projects and opportunities. There is no place for scammers either so you won’t have to worry about your work. 

Personal blog or portfolio:

In case you would like to work as a video translator on your own without the need to depend on any job platforms, having your own personal blog or portfolio is definitely the right route for you.

Well, you may face incredible challenges at the beginning as you have just launched your blog. The first step is always hard. However, with the proper directions, you can boost traffic to your blog. You will therefore rank in search engines and expand your chances of getting a project. It is important to note that you can never predict when a client may appear out of a google search. 

The only aspect you have to consider is to create a catching blog and work on getting it rank using proper SEO tools. You can check Wix or Squarespace to help you create your own blog yourself. It won’t cost a fortune and you get to customize it as you wish.

This opportunity will allow you to communicate and look for clients directly without the need to have a third-party platform that can look out for clients but make 20% profit from your revenue. You get to keep it all yourself.


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