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Video Conferencing and Broadcasting Handbook


Video Conferencing

Video meetings have become commonplace over recent years, but that doesn’t mean everyone is familiar with this valuable mode of collaboration and communication, or that those who are familiar with it are already making the most of the available technologies. This article will act as a short handbook for video conferencing and broadcasting for everyone from complete beginners to experienced hosts who want to improve their effectiveness.

What Is a Video Conference?

A video conference is an online discussion or presentation broadcast to multiple parties in real time. Most involve either single presenters or panels of presenters, although more inclusive conferences are also supported with Epiphan Connect and similar programs. Effective video conference presenters often incorporate slide decks, multimedia, video clips, and interactive materials to keep participants interested and engaged.

How to Choose a Hosting Solution

Just like live conference organizers must find venues to hold their events, video conference hosts need to find platforms that will meet their needs. There’s no one video conference hosting solution that’s right for every presenter or panel, so it’s important to consider the general needs of the organization when deciding what platform to use. Consider factors such as:

Current Use of Collaboration Tools

Start by considering what online collaboration tools are already in use and how effective they are. Many companies use Microsoft Teams, for example, but it doesn’t offer the most effective video conferencing features. Adding tools capable of enhancing video quality and live streaming protocols to provide a better digital conference experience will create a more accessible experience for employees than switching to an entirely new program.

Types of Events Hosted

Next, consider what types of events the company generally hosts online. Are they all internal, involving only a handful of decision-makers? That requires a different set of features than hosting external video conferences that feature multiple panel members and allow for public involvement.

Size of the Audience

Finally, try to determine what the average audience size will be. That way, companies won’t wind up paying for features they don’t use but conference hosts will still have access to all the right tools to communicate with their panels and participants.

Determining Equipment Needs

Just as hosting software requirements vary depending on the circumstances of the presentation, so do equipment needs. For large-scale, public-facing video conferences, organizations sometimes opt to work with professional production teams. However, companies hosting internal meetings and similar events don’t need to worry as much about production value. Participants just need to have high-quality cameras and microphones.

There are also ways to have the best of both worlds. Some modern platforms now incorporate elements like live switching, dynamic titles, and branded layouts that are typically associated with professional broadcasts. Combining these types of compelling content with high-quality video and audio feeds can create a professional feel at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full production team.

Get Started Today

Few video conference hosts will get every detail right the first time they broadcast an event without the help of a full production team, but the good news is that most people don’t notice minor mistakes, and hosting gets easier over time. The best way to get started is to purchase a high-quality microphone and camera, find an effective video conference hosting platform, and dive right in. If something doesn’t work, it will be clear what must be changed for next time.

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