Vaping Mistakes You Must Avoid to Enjoy the Experience: Once you set up the vape, it is common to have an urge to take a drag instantly. But, this can be a mistake, and you may end up ruining your device. Like any other new experience, you may need some time to get accustomed to vaping. 

Vaping Mistakes You Must Avoid to Enjoy the Experience

If you’re worried about making the wrong moves, avoid these mistakes. 

Putting Less Nicotine Than Needed

It is hard to determine the right strength of nicotine that suits you when moving from traditional cigarettes to vaping. If the e-liquid has higher levels of nicotine, it can give you a severe headache or nausea. Low nicotine, on the other hand, can keep you unsatisfied and craving for more. 

Hence, you have to choose the optimal level that’s strong enough to satiate your addiction without overdoing it. Generally, 12-18 mg of nicotine is the right amount. You can start with 12 mg and gradually move to higher strength. But, if you are a light smoker, do not exceed your nicotine consumption more than 3 mg per day. 

Using Low-Quality Equipment

Many people make this mistake of choosing low-quality e-cigs when they start vaping. It doesn’t have the right effects that you seek. Thankfully, the markets have a broad spectrum of vapes and e-liquid to help you. If you choose a low-quality gear, it’s going to make your vape smell, feel, and taste lousy. 

Inadequate vapour production, burnt coils, and short battery life are also the consequences of cheap vaping gear. When starting, you may find mid-level equipment that isn’t heavy on your pocket and gives the desired satisfaction. 

Letting the Battery Drained

When you carry your e-cigarettes, do not forget to charge the device before heading out. You can’t light up a device running on a low battery. Before leaving the house, charge your battery at least for an hour to tide you over. 

You may also keep a USB charger and power bank handy to charge your vaping device anywhere at any time. Since you can’t pop into a shop to buy a new lighter, it makes sense to keep a spare battery and uninterrupted vaping. 

Choosing the Wrong Vaping Juice

It can be challenging to make the right choice due to a wide variety of vape juices available in the market. Test before you choose the right flavour. In traditional cigarettes, you have a limited choice of tobacco or menthol. But, vaping offers you a variety of flavours to suit various tastes. 

However, pay attention to the VG and PG levels of the juice. They refer to vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol that should be in a perfect ratio to produce vapour cloud.

Ignoring the Maintenance

Despite the benefits of e-cigarettes over the traditional ones, you have to maintain this device to experience it for a long time. Many beginners fail to take care of their vape gear. 

As a result, issues like burnt circuits, tank leakage, or bad flavours can occur frequently. So, follow the instructions to charge the device and check it regularly for any leaky components.

If you want to enjoy vaping every time, avoid these mistakes. Drink lots of water when vaping for the first time to stay hydrated.


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